foodpanda Walker Tears Up After Woman Unexpectedly Gifts Him Lunch During Work

"I was so touched and had a moment of reflection [too] when he started tearing up," shared the woman.

Cover image via Dayana Reza (Facebook) & Azneal Ishak/Malaysiakini

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A woman living in Kuala Lumpur had her day made after striking up a random conversation with a foodpanda 'Pink Walker', a delivery person who sends all their orders on foot, last week

Sharing the encounter on The Republic of Bangsar Facebook group, small business owner Dayana Reza hopes that the story could inspire others to practise random acts of kindness too.

"Do a random act of kindness every day, even if it is just a warm greeting, a smile, or a silent prayer for another," she encouraged.

"I don't know if it is fate, but I got [the same foodpanda walker] as my delivery warrior twice in a week. First for my nasi kerabu and second for my nasi goreng kampung today within the area," she wrote last Thursday, 17 June.

After receiving her food the first time, Dayana said she passed the foodpanda walker an Apollo cake and a wafer biscuit, just as small tokens of appreciation

He said, "Thank you so much, Miss. It really made my day."

Dayana wrote that she did not know his story or why he was a deliveryman, but he spoke very well, and was super friendly and grateful for the snacks.

"I was glad I made his day just a little bit better after walking around in the hot sun, to and fro, up and down the hill just to make extra money."

The next day, she was pleasantly surprised to meet him again and happily gave him the extra nasi goreng she ordered in preparation for whoever delivered her food.

Caught off guard, Dayana said he started to tear up at her random act of kindness, speechless at the sight of the meal she was offering to him.

"I was so touched and had a moment of reflection [too] when he started tearing up. He was so grateful and it was just not an easy sight to see a kind man break down in the midst of his work."

"I held my tears back and only cried my eyeballs out to my mum over the phone as I went back up to my house," she said.

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Image via Sydney News Today

She got to know later that his name is Ramesh and that he has been working with foodpanda full-time for almost a month now

After receiving many well-wishes for the both of them on Facebook, Dayana reached out to the delivery walker, who was thankful for the kind words and sent his warmest regards back to all the netizens.

He shared with Dayana that he was previously working with Singtel and had ventured into a business that did not take off, especially after he went through a bad accident nearly two years ago.

Now, living in Puchong with his girlfriend while his family is in Johor, the 41-year-old does foodpanda deliveries on foot as he does not own a motorcycle.

He takes public transport from Puchong to the city centre every day — the bus to KL Sentral, then the Light Rail Transit (LRT) to the KL Gateway-Universiti station, where he is based.

Dayana said kind souls have also previously approached him to offer him financial assistance, but he has politely declined them as he believes there are others who are more in need compared to him.

"He is saving funds to go into other ventures with his partner when things stabilise in the future," Dayana told SAYS when contacted.

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Image via New Straits Times

After those brief encounters with Ramesh, Dayana said they were moments "that truly make our lives so much more meaningful"

On the Facebook group, she wrote, "I humbly ask for anybody else here, if you do have some extra funds from your business or your job, or if you happen to have room for another mee goreng or Ramly burger, one random act to belanja (treat) someone can go such a long way."

"I hope more of us can do this to really support and be there for one another in these tough times. Some of us still have our jobs, some of us still can survive and put food on the table, yet some are really struggling and living day to day," she said.

"Even if you can't donate or get a meal for someone, it is okay, just always be kind to these riders and random strangers who are making an honest living to get our essentials or needs to us during this pandemic."

She added that we never know anyone's full story, so it is important to remember to smile and greet everyone politely.

"Trust me, you will never regret being humble and nice, no matter what," she said.

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