A Kind Stranger Who Cared About This Delivery Rider's Skin Gifted Him A Bottle Of Suncreen

Delivery riders work all day under the sun.

Cover image via Twitter @faizal8704

A delivery rider has recently gone viral after he received an unexpected gift from a kind customer

On Monday, 16 December, Twitter user @faizal8704 uploaded photos of him holding a bottle of sunscreen along with the caption that read, "This was unexpected. I was delivering some stuff when a customer gave me sunscreen. I used Google to find out what the heck this is. Apparently it's to protect your skin."

The tweet has since garnered 19,700 retweets and 30,500 likes.

He said that he was rather surprised that someone cared about his skin.

After all, he is always exposed to sunlight due to the nature of his job.

He wrote, "Who knew that someone actually cared about a rider's skin condition. We do have to work for hours under the sunlight and all."

"Even in the morning, I'm already under the sun. The weather nowadays is quite unpredictable. Riders like me will have to face it no matter rain or shine, just to earn some money."

One Foodpanda rider also identified with the struggle

He replied to the tweet saying, "Just like me, I use this sunscreen because I'm a Foodpanda rider."

And then he even added his own personal anecdote, "But don't put it on your forehead, bro. When you sweat, it's going to trickle down to your eyes and it stings on a whole other level."

Image via Twitter @stfhuk

Meanwhile, skincare enthusiasts online gave him tips and pointers on how to use the sunscreen

One person wrote, "Squeeze it along your pinky and then put it on your forehead. And then double the amount for your cheeks. Make sure it's even and then it will absorb better."

Another Twitter user replied, "It's important to wear this every day. It prevents skin cancer due to UV rays."

"Make sure you use it, bro. Some people even wait for discounts to buy that thing," said one netizen.

Read the rest of his Twitter thread here:

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