Local Actress Receives "Polite" Instagram DM Asking To See Her Boobs

"From halal to haram real quick."

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On 21 July, Malaysian actress Fatin Afeefa took to Twitter to share a rather unusual request she received from a stranger on Instagram

Image via Instagram

The 25-year-old's post garnered over 2,300 retweets at the time of writing.


In a screenshot, she shared a direct message a man sent her that began with, "Assalamualaikum"

However, it was what followed the polite Arabic greeting, which means "Peace be upon you", that shocked the actress.

He added, "Can you show me your breasts."

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Amused by the formal way in which he asked for an inappropriate photo, the mother of two joked, "What's important is the greeting"

"That's what matters," she continued.

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The actress also alluded that the man sent an unsolicited photos, but she chose not to include those in her Twitter thread.

"I received pictures too but it'll be too inappropriate to share it here," she said.

Netizens got a good laugh out of the man's "Syariah compliant" request for nude photos, and joked that he had broached the topic as politely as possible

Image via Twitter

"From halal to haram real quick," a Twitter user commented.

Sexual harassment is a prevalent issue faced by women in Malaysia:

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