[VIDEO] Road Bully Lorry Driver Chases Myvi & Allegedly Attempts To Hit It Several Times

During the ordeal, the truck nearly collided with other cars on the road.

Cover image via @simrath98 (Twitter)

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A Twitter user recently shared dash cam footage of his Perodua Myvi being recklessly chased by a lorry driver

According to user @simrath98, he first noticed the lorry while he was driving home from work on the Federal Highway on his way to the Subang exit.

In the videos that the user shared, the lorry was first seen speeding from behind and dangerously overtaking his car without signalling.

The truck was also inches away from colliding with the Myvi, prompting the man to honk his horn.

The man then attempted to overtake the lorry, but the driver quickly cut him off on the right lane in an alleged attempt to hit the Myvi again

Upset by the lorry driver, the man continued to honk at him several times before the lorry suddenly stopped in the middle of the road.

The lorry remained stationary for a few seconds, prompting the driver to overtake it and move to the other lane.

While the Myvi driver was moving his car, the lorry suddenly entered the same lane as him again, causing the man to step on the accelerator to avoid being hit.

"As you can see, there was no basis for him switching lanes like that, it was merely to crash into me," the man wrote on Twitter.

The chase lasted a few minutes, and during the ordeal, the truck nearly collided with other cars on the road

After a while, the lorry recklessly overtook the Myvi driver once more, but this time, other drivers joined and honked at the truck.

The truck then stopped in the middle of the road for the second time before finally moving due to the other drivers' continuous honking.

According to the Twitter user, he has since reported the driver and submitted footage of the incident to the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD).

Watch the full video of the incident here:

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