Loving Elderly Couple In Terengganu Die Only Hours Apart After 64 Years Of Marriage

Their daughter said, "Our father was very crestfallen and it was as if he lost half of his life when my mother was admitted to the hospital."

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A loving pair of husband and wife in Terengganu recently passed away only a few hours apart

According to Utusan Malaysia, 87-year-old Wan Yahya Wan Husein and 84-year-old Wan Zainun Wan Chik had been married for 64 years before the two took their last breaths yesterday, 4 November.

Wan Zainun passed away at Sultanah Nur Zahirah Hospital around 6.48am while her husband was pronounced dead at their home in Taman Dato’ Abdul Rahman, Kuala Berang, later that evening.

Wan Zainun Wan Chik (standing) and Wan Yahya Wan Husein.

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According to their daughter, their health started declining last month.

Wan Yahya suffered lung problems starting 15 October while his wife was diagnosed with intestinal cancer only five days after that.

The couple's eldest daughter, Wan Rahimah told Kosmo! that her father was very sad when her mother was admitted to the hospital.

"Our father was very crestfallen and it was as if he lost half of his life when my mother was admitted to the hospital. Their relationship is very close, macam belangkas (like horseshoe crabs)," she said.

"Two days ago, we took him to meet our mother. During their last meeting, which lasted for about an hour, he held my mother's hand really tight and cried while looking at her face intently."

She added that when her mother died, her father cried once again.

Wan Yahya and Wan Zainun with their children and grandchildren.

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Wan Yahya attended his wife's burial just a few hours before he died.

Their children said that they did not expect to lose their father right after the death of their mother.

Wan Rahimah also told the Malay daily that her father gathered his strength to attend the burial despite the fact that he was not in great shape.

The event took place at Jalan Pusara Muslim Cemetery in Kuala Berang around 3pm.

"Meanwhile, my father's body has been safely buried at the same cemetery around 9am yesterday. Although we're still in shock from losing both of our parents on the same day, we wholeheartedly accept Allah's will," Wan Rahimah explained.

Besides that, she also noted that her parents are a very romantic couple and have never had a big fight.

She said, "Throughout 64 years of marriage, they always made decisions together."

Wan Rahimah at Wan Zainun's grave.

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