AirAsia Falls Victim To Cheeky MAS "Be Smart" Advice On Facebook

The ad war between Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia ensues.

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On 21 February 2014, AirAsia Announced Its Free Seats Promotion For Bookings Made On 24 February 2014 Via Facebook

On 21 February 2014, Air Asia Announced Its Free Seats Promotion For Bookings Made On 24 February 2014.

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On The Very Same Day, MAS Cheekily Reminded Its Friends On Facebook To "Be Smart" On 24 February

"Be smart on 24 Feb, sometimes the best things in life aren't FREE!"

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It Seems That MAS Is Now Educating Its Facebook Fans On 'How To Be A Smart Traveller' On The Same Day AirAsia Launched Its Free Seats Promotion. Coincidence?

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While We Are Amused By MAS' Wittiness, Some Of Their Facebook Fans Are Not

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This MAS-AirAsia Ad War Comes 5 Days After MAS Announced Its Fourth Straight Quarterly Loss

19 Feb: Struggling flag carrier Malaysia Airlines said Tuesday it recorded its fourth straight quarterly loss in the last three months of 2013 and warned of a “challenging” year ahead due to intense competition. The airline reported a net loss of 343 million ringgit ($104 million) for the quarter ending December 31, compared to a 51.4 million gain in the fourth quarter in 2012, it said.

“Going into 2014, Malaysia Airlines expects the business environment to remain challenging with high fuel prices, volatile foreign exchange and intense competition impacting yield from both existing as well as new entrants into the market,” it said in a filing to the stock exchange.

In Response, Tony Fernandes Openly Expressed His Shock And Questioned Business Practices Of MAS

Tony Fernandes Openly Expressed His Shock And Questioned MAS' Business Practices.

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The founder of AirAsia added that he was “shocked” at the amount of losses suffered by MAS.
“The whole aviation industry needs a relook,” he told The Malaysian Insider by phone today.

“My point is that if you’re running a private company, could you afford to cut 16% of your costs and still lose RM1 billion?” he asked. “It’s only because there’s taxpayers' money that one can afford to do that. And this isn’t solving the issue,” he added.

Fernandes, meanwhile, criticised MAS and MAHB’s continued spending and losses. “It’s supposed to be profit-making. This just hurts decent players in the business when they’re spending like there’s no tomorrow,” said Fernandes.

"AirAsia Allstars, take a bow. Malaysia Airlines lost over a billion," Tony Fernandes tweeted. "So much money wasted. If people were more efficient Malaysians would spend less on travel." "I wonder if it's fair that Malaysia Airlines can lose so much money and protect its market share. Can only do that with taxpayers money," Tony Fernandes tweeted.

In Mid-February, AirAsia Started An Ad War After Jesting MAS Over Chef Wan's Complaint Of MAS' 'Nasi Lemak Tak Lengkap'

What Do You Think Of The Ad Exchanges?

Is This MAS' Plan To Make Air Asia Pay Back For The Harsh Words They Have Said?

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