9 Things You Need To Know About Malaysia's Domestic Travel Bubble Initiative

Travel safely, everyone!

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Did you guys hear the great news?! The government has recently launched the Domestic Travel Bubble initiative that allows people in green zones to travel for leisure.

From 23 November onwards, we can go cuti-cuti again, YAAASSSSS! But, there are a few things that you have to take note of before you begin packing your bags, hehe.

Here are nine things you need to know about the Domestic Travel Bubble:

1. You're allowed to travel across sub-districts/districts in the same CMCO state if they're in a green zone


You can also travel inter-state to and from one CMCO area to another. However, movement in and out of EMCO areas are strictly not allowed.

If you're moving from one green CMCO district to another, or inter-state between RMCO states, then you won't have to sweat about this :D

You'll only need police permission if you're travelling inter-state between CMCO and RMCO states, or intra-state that is not a green zone.

2. The government has given the green light for most types of domestic holidays

- Same-day vacations
- Holiday with accommodation booking or tickets purchased in advance
- Vacation packages and tours via MOTAC-licenced and registered travel companies

3. The three-per-car rule does not apply to the "green travel bubble"

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If you are travelling domestically for holiday within the green travel bubble, full capacity will be allowed in private vehicles and tourist buses.

4. The government has also approved these types of domestic tourism activities

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- Meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions
- Travel fairs, travel marts, tourism, and culture carnivals
- Adventure and sports tourism
- Activities and tourist attractions, and cultural, art, and heritage premises
- Special interest tourism activities like golfing, scuba-diving, cycling, yachting, etc) and eco-travel activities (bird-watching, jungle-trekking, white-water rafting)
- Courses, training, seminars related to tourism, culture, arts, and heritage

5. Those who have been in contact with a positive COVID-19 case, those who have to undergo mandatory quarantine, or just returned from red zones will not be allowed to travel

The government has only permitted individuals, families, and those who have purchased travel packages to move around.

6. Enjoy awesome accommodation package offers on Shopee from December 2020 to February 2021

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You can enjoy rebate vouchers of RM50 or RM100 when you book a 3D2N accommodation package on Shopee. Once you've secured your payment, you'll get to enjoy an extra RM20 rebate on Shopee!

7. Whenever you support local budget hotels, you get cashback rewards

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Jom Nginap (31 December 2020 to March 2021)
A cashback offer of RM20 in the form of Touch n’ Go eWallet for each minimum transaction of RM50 will be available.

Malaysia Welcomes You (April 2021 to June 2021)
This collaboration is also with Touch n’ Go eWallet, and a rebate of RM20 for the booking period will be available.

8. Get attractive discounts on your flights or public transportation

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Malaysia Airlines: Enjoy a discount of RM50 per leg, up to RM200 per passenger, when purchasing flights across any destination within Malaysia from 23 November until 8 December 2020
AirAsia: Rebate of RM50 for ticket purchases starting 30 November 2020
Malindo Air: Limited discount of RM50 to those who register early

9. Stock up on beautifully-made handmade goods at Karyaneka with a great discount starting from 24 November 2020

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Users are eligible to enjoy a discount of RM30 for every minimum purchase of RM100 at all Karyaneka outlets.

Most domestic tourism activities are allowed, but remember to always stay safe and practice physical distancing even when you're on holiday!

For more info on the SOPs, just visit MOTAC.
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