Old Mattress Giving You Problems? Trade It In For Up To RM1,500 Rebate With Rozel Maxiflex

Bye bye backaches, hello new comfy mattress! :D

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Are you having trouble getting a good night's sleep?

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One of the most annoying things is when you don't sleep well and wake up feeling tired. T.T

What's worse is when it's accompanied by discomfort, backaches, or body itches - a sign that your old mattress is giving up on you. Ughhh, and you can't do anything but drag yourself out of bed. Sien.

While quality mattresses can last from six to eight years, here are a few signs that it's time to replace your mattress:

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1. Your mattress is sagging
This tends to happen if you sleep on one side of the bed. You can try turning your mattress over as a temporary fix, but your mattress should be flat and firm to offer proper support for your back and spine.

2. Your mattress has lumps and bumps
Run your hands across your mattress, and see if you can feel any random lumps or bumps. While this happens to mattresses all the time, it could cause discomfort and affect your sleep at night. 

3. Your mattress has bed bugs
If you find yourself waking up to red marks, it could be due to bed bugs. You can try deep cleaning your bed, but sometimes no matter how meticulous you are, bed bug infestations are unavoidable.

4. You wake up with aches or discomfort
Ultimately, if your old mattress is no longer giving you comfortable rest and relaxing sleep, it's probably time for you to replace it.

The good news is that you can now trade in your old mattress and get awesome rebates when you buy a brand new Rozel Maxiflex mattress

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To help you enjoy comfortable and restful sleep, Rozel Malaysia is offering rebates of up to RM1,500 when you trade in your old mattress. Plus, it doesn't matter what brand, model, or size your mattress is.

You can enjoy rebates for Rozel's Maxiflex Mattress Collection:
- RM500 rebate for Spinal Care
- RM1,000 rebate for Royal Crown
- RM1,500 rebate for Legacy

That's not all, you can trade in as many mattresses as you want to - you just have to make the same amount of purchases. And you won't have to worry about bringing in your old mattress, because Rozel Malaysia will arrange free pick-up and delivery of your old and new mattress, as long as your home is within 10km of a showroom.

Here's a closer look at Rozel's Maxiflex Mattress Collection:

Rozel Maxiflex Spinal Care
This mattress comes with high tensile bonnell springs that provide you the perfect support, no matter how you sleep. Made with imported knitted tencel, the mattress is also soft and breathable.

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Rozel Maxiflex Royal Crown
With comfort fit for a king and queen, Maxiflex Royal Crown is crafted with pocket springs and gel memory foam to provide support that fits your body curve. The organic cotton fabric is also soft and resistant to dust mites.

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Royal Maxiflex Legacy
This mattress features a 7-Zone Latex ergonomic design for optimal body alignment and individual support in any sleeping position. It is also covered in ice silk fabric that's smooth, cool, and breathable, promising you a pleasant sleep every single night.

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In addition to rebates on these mattresses, you can enjoy discounts when you add on a full leather bed frame or side tables

Image via Rozel Malaysia
Image via Rozel Malaysia

Ready for a comfortable, good night's sleep? Head over to your nearest Rozel showroom to find out more!

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