Malaysians Are Thanking Indonesia For Making Us The World's #1 Most Polluted Country


Cover image via Judith/SAYS

Yesterday, 18 September, Malaysia was declared the world's most polluted country, according to the World Air Quality Index (WAQI)

The average Air Pollution Index (API) reading was recorded at 266.

Astro Awani reported that it was the highest in the world, followed by South Africa (217), Indonesia (207), India (194), and China (178).

Image via Astro Awani

As of 4.20pm today, 19 September, Malaysia's API recording is still at 266 but has dropped down to fourth place on the list

China tops the list with an API recording of 999, followed by Iran (315), and Indonesia (297).

Image via WAQI

For reference, according to WAQI's API readings:

- 0 - 50 is listed as 'good',
- 51 - 100 is 'moderate',
- 101 - 150 is 'unhealthy for sensitive groups',
- 151 - 200 is 'unhealthy',
- 201 - 300 is 'very unhealthy', and
- anything above 300 is 'hazardous'.

Needless to say, the haze that has been surrounding the nation lately has a part to play in all of this.

Frustrated by this annual issue, Malaysians have started a Twitter trend called #ThanksIndonesia, grateful that the country made Malaysia number one in the world

Seriously Indonesia here's something you guys can claim back, please. Thanks.

To fight the recent weather conditions, Malaysians have come up with their own solutions:

Indonesia's forest animals have not had it easy either: