Malaysian Twitter User Wants To 'Blow Back The Haze' To Indonesia On 16 September


Cover image via Twitter @lamkanaraf

Needless to say, a lot of people are unhappy about the haze situation

One Malaysian has decided to take matters into his own hands, and has come up with a plan to "blow the haze back" to Indonesia

Twitter user Farhan (@lamkanahraf) wants everyone to stand outdoors on Monday, 16 September with their fans angled towards Indonesia.

"As a collective, we can definitely blow the haze back to Indonesia. Come on Malaysians!" he wrote in a tweet.

According to his instructions, West Malaysians should point their fans southwest, while East Malaysians should point their fans south

In case you don't have a standing fan, Farhan also included some examples of fans you can get to take part in the movement

If you want a stronger fan to guarantee more success, Farhan recommends getting this bigger fan.

Inspired by the cartoonist Lat, Farhan also created a poster for the occasion

Check out the full tweet here:

On a more serious note, here's how you can avoid getting sick during this hazy period:

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