Malaysian Bakery Chides Customer Who Said They 'Don't Buy Anything From Indians'

Thirty One Fine Bakes said they are happy to lose the customer's business over their racist remarks.

Cover image via AP via Valley News & @thirtyonefinebakes (Instagram)

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An online-based baking company won netizens' praise for standing their ground and telling off a racist customer when they approached the bakery to buy a cake

Taking to Instagram to share the encounter on 18 June, Thirty One Fine Bakes said it is not the first time they received such a message from customers.

Based on the screenshots showing a WhatsApp conversation between a customer and the bakery, the customer can be seen asking about the establishment owner's race.

"I want to know your company owner is what race," said the person, to which Thirty One Fine Bakes replied, "We are a multiracial company. But may I please know the reason for this question?"

"I don't like to buy anythings (sic) from Indian. That's why I want to know. If got any Indian in your company, tell me," responded the customer.

Upon hearing the response from the customer, Thirty One Fine Bakes chided them for the racist remarks and promised to not serve them

"The opinion that you have shared is racist and we simply have no tolerance for that," said the bakery.

"Racism and discrimination are deep-rooted diseases of this country, and we work to ensure there is no space for that in this company and to call it out when we see it."

"[Because] of your disgusting remarks, we are not sorry to say that we would be happy to lose you as a customer. All the best."

Thirty One Fine Bakes kept the identity of the customer anonymous in the Instagram post, but said the purpose of sharing it was to speak out against such hate.

At the time of writing, the Instagram post has garnered over 30,000 likes

Thousands of netizens lauded the bakery for speaking against the racist customer and handling the situation with professionalism.

"Disgusting!!! Thanks @thirtyonefinebakes for standing up and speaking up!" commented Malaysian contemporary artist Red Hong Yi.

"Thank you for standing up! It's so sad that racism is still so rampant," added another person.

One Instagram user said, "We should definitely not tolerate these toxic, destructive mentalities any longer. I like your reply and thank you for sharing! You and your fine bakes have my support."

"Handled it with professionalism and truth," wrote a netizen.

Image via Instagram

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