Malaysian Fined Over RM12K For Damaging Vehicles After Drifting His BMW In Thailand

He drifted in circles around an empty parking lot, sending rocks flying into the air.

Cover image via ตัวพ่อ Lifestyleสงขลา (YouTube)

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A Malaysian man was fined RM12,348 for damages he caused due to his dangerous drifting in a parking lot in Hat Yai in southern Thailand

According to Bangkok Post, Hat Yai police chief Anuwat Rithicai identified the 32-year-old driver as Abdul Raii Azmi, who drifted into a parking lot at Chang Puak Camp around 1pm on 28 October.

Azmi caused damage to a car and three other tuk-tuks. The damages included cracked mirrors and scratches on the vehicles.

It is understood that Azmi drifted his BMW M2 in the parking lot of a privately-owned tourist attraction for six rounds, causing the tyres to eject rock shards into the air.

Thus, a complaint was made to the Kho Hong police station by the four vehicles' owners.

One of the tuk-tuks' windshield was shattered due to the BMW's dangerous drift.

Image via ตัวพ่อ Lifestyleสงขลา (YouTube)

Thailand tourist police followed the driver and his wife to the Sadao immigration checkpoint when they were heading back to Malaysia on the following day

When they were about to cross the border into Malaysia, they were taken to the Hat Yai tourist police station to meet with the affected vehicle owners, Bangkok Post reported.

The four demanded a total of approximately RM13,000. However, according to Anuwat,  both parties managed to come to an agreement that Azmi should pay the vehicle owners RM12,438 as compensation.

The sum was divided among the four based on the extent of damage to their vehicles and the owners were satisfied with the arrangement.

Azmi informed the authorities that he was unaware that drifting his car could cause damage to other vehicles and that he did so at the request of female staff at the tourist spot.

He apologised for causing trouble.

Watch the drift and the full report in the video below:

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