Malaysian Ice Skater Julian Yee Performed As A Janitor And People Can't Get Over It

Videos of his performance have gone viral.

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Malaysia's top figure skater Julian Yee recently gave another stellar performance acting as a janitor and Malaysians can't stop raving about it

Julian, who is the first Malaysian figure skater to have made it to this year's Winter Olympics, wowed his fans during his act at Skate 2018 America last week, 20 October.

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With a mop in one hand and a radio in the other, Julian swept through the ice rink effortlessly

He ranked seventh in 2018 Skate America overall - which is a pretty big deal for the young chap.

The 20-year-old charismatic skater was also the first man to bring home the gold medal last year from the Southeast Asian Games in Kuala Lumpur.

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A video of his recent performance received over 16,000 shares, as many Malaysians praised the creative athlete on his impressive show

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Not to forget, the couple of hearts that have melted over the skater's "good looks" :p

Image via Melodydotmy
Image via Melodydotmy
Image via Melodydotmy

One netizen even went as far as wishing she could be his prop

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Julian, who spent his early days practicing at Sunway Pyramid's ice rink, also received applause from the shopping mall today

Image via Sunway Pyramid

You've certainly done us proud, Julian! :')

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Watch his full performance below:

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