Landlord Evicts Indian Man 2 Weeks After Moving In Because She Only Wants Chinese Tenants

The man's viral post on Facebook has sparked outrage online.

Cover image via Diivek Suppiah/Facebook

A Malaysian Indian was kicked out of his rented room in Subang Jaya less than two weeks after moving in because his landlord suddenly said she preferred Chinese tenants

The renter, Diivek Suppiah, took to Facebook to share his anger and disappointment right after being forced to move out of his room at The Grand Subang SS13 yesterday, 13 August.

According to Free Malaysia Today, his story was confirmed by the property management company.

The 24-year-old shared that he rented the place through the apartment's management office and moved in on 1 August

"I work in Sunway, so I rented a master bedroom in a condo here and moved in already," he told SAYS when contacted.

"I paid all the deposits and rental on time. I also moved all my things and already arranged the room nicely."

In those few days, he said he kept the unit clean and tidy, and that the landlord was also already aware that he was an Indian when he signed the tenancy agreement.

However, he suddenly received a string of messages from the management yesterday saying that the landlord wanted him to leave

He said, "Out of a sudden, I received a message forwarded from the owner saying, 'Hi, morning, very sorry to inform you, after discussing with my family and partner, we only prefer Chinese tenants to stay in our unit'."

Diivek said he was in disbelief when the landlord further asked him to vacate the room on the same day and that she would come and inspect the place the next morning.

"So, please clear the master room by today and I will go to my unit and visit you by tomorrow about 11am to try to settle all our problems. Many thanks," read the text message he received from the management.

Diivek said that he was very angry and disappointed to be evicted with no prior warning and just based on the colour of his skin

"We are living in Malaysia in 2020, and yet this mentality still exists?! All races deserve to be treated with equality and respect. I am proud to be a Malaysian Indian," he wrote impassionedly on his Facebook post.

He added that the landlord could have mentioned earlier that she preferred Chinese tenants so that he would not have wasted his time by booking and renting the place.

"This clearly shows that [she is] a very racist person," he said.

Diivek told SAYS that the discrimination was no mistake as the management office tried their best to reckon with the landlord to allow him to stay. However, the owner insisted that she wanted Chinese tenants only.

"Why must Indians be treated this way? Why can't Indians rent a room owned by a Chinese landlord? Why didn't I at least get a proper one-month notice to move out?" he questioned.

"People need to be aware that this is still happening in Malaysia," he added.

He said that he is now staying in another apartment unit that the management office was able to find in the same building

"I just moved all my things to my new unit and room. Thanks to my friends who helped me to move my things. It was super stressful and tiring. I need to unpack all again and arrange it," he updated his Facebook profile in the evening.

He also said that he would surely take legal action over this matter but was too tired and emotionally affected for the day.

"Just let me settle down in my new place. I'm going to arrange everything again now."

Diivek's new rented room.

Image via Diivek Suppiah/Facebook

After sharing his experience on Facebook, Diivek received an outpouring of support and apologies from netizens

His post has been shared over 4,000 times and has garnered over 2,700 comments from people expressing their sympathy for him as well as disgust for his racist landlord.

"Disgusting. Sincerest apologies, bro, for this poor excuse of a human being," said a netizen.

A Facebook user agreed, "That was outrageous. Yes, we know it's their right to prefer Chinese tenants [but they should state that] before putting up their ads, not after accepting a tenant request! This is so unacceptable."

They said the landlord should have some discretion and compensate for Diivek's losses.

Another supported Diivek's decision to take legal action by saying, "The authorities should take notice of such racist attitude and discrimination. I suggest you bring this matter to the civil court for remedy and to educate such people."

Read Diivek's full post here:

A similar case occurred in 2019, sparking discussion of an anti-racial discrimination law:

Racism still runs deep in Malaysia:

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