Malaysian Influencer Jailed For Stealing Over RM100 Worth Of Goods, Including A Broccoli

She was sentenced to one day in prison and slapped with RM400 fine.

Cover image via Nextstep Malaysia & 8photo/freepik

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Malaysian social media influencer, Rumaisyah Yahya, 31, was sentenced to one day in prison and slapped with a fine of RM400 for stealing supermarket items worth more than RM100

According to Berita Harian, the influencer, who has over 200,000 followers on her Instagram account, was sentenced by Magistrate Nurul Izzah Shaharuddin after pleading guilty to stealing RM108.18 worth of items, including an air freshener, toothpaste, bath soap, and broccoli.

The court also ruled that the woman will serve a three-day prison sentence if she fails to pay the fine.

Rumaisyah committed the offence at 4.30pm on 1 November at a popular supermarket in a prominent shopping centre on Jalan Ampang

During the trial, deputy public prosecutor Sheryn Yong Shi Yee asked the court to mete out an appropriate punishment as a deterrent for the accused.

However, Rumaisyah's defence attorney, Muhammad Rhastdan Abdul Wahab, asked for a prison sentence and a minimum fine because his client has no fixed income and is supporting her 65-year-old mother.

Muhammad Rhastdan argued that it was his client's first offence, and the stolen items were taken out of necessity for basic needs.

"The client repents and begs to be given a second chance," he said.

Image via 8photo/freepik

According to the facts of the case, the accused, who is also a yoga instructor, took some items and placed them in her carry-on bag.

She then walked to another section of the supermarket and exited without paying.

She was then stopped by a security guard, and upon inspection, it was discovered that the bag she was carrying contained supermarket goods. The accused failed to present the purchase receipt.

At the time of writing, the content creator has deactivated her Instagram account.

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