M'sian Makes RM30,000/Month As An "Online Boyfriend" By Chatting & Going Out With Clients

The 23-year-old man told SAYS that his clients include celebrities and very, very important people (VVIPs).

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A Malaysian sales executive is now earning RM30,000 a month by working as a rental boyfriend, a job he initially started as a joke but has since become incredibly lucrative

The 23-year-old, who wishes to be known as Raihan (not his real name), started offering the rental boyfriend services with his twin brother, Maliq (not his real name), in June.

Within just two months, they have made over RM52,000, according to a screenshot they shared with mStar.

Raihan said that he offers a variety of services as a rental boyfriend, such as chatting over phone calls and video calls at a fee of up to RM3,500 an hour.

He said he maintains the same rate if the client prefers to meet him in person.

According to photos he has posted on TikTok, he also offers "advice and consultation" services and accompanies clients to do assignments, as well as teaches Additional Mathematics, Sejarah, and English.

Those who are interested can also ask Raihan to deliver food to their workplace so they can "flex" in front of their friends. He also offers clients a motorcycle ride with him for a "healing" session.

Raihan emphasised that he does not offer sexual services because he does not want to bring shame to his family.

Image via TikTok

With a tagline of 'Your Privacy, My Priority', Raihan and Maliq even offer a money-back guarantee if clients do not find them handsome

Raihan describes himself as a person who is 168cm tall, weighs 68kg, has fair skin, curly-straight hair, and wears shoes sized UK 8.5.

While promoting himself on TikTok, Raihan frequently uploads shirtless photos of himself.

He frequently shares screenshots of testimonies from his clients. However, many netizens criticised him on the platform, questioning whether the money he earned was halal (permissible) or not.

The young Malaysian said he started offering rental boyfriend services to cover his cost of studying at a private university, daily expenses, and house rent

His current monthly expenses are around RM7,000 because he prefers a luxurious lifestyle and loves to spend on food, reported mStar.

In fact, Raihan was inspired to start his services after he realised he is often well-received by strangers, both in person and online.

"This idea came out of the blue because I was studying at one of the most popular universities (in the country).

"Anywhere I went, there were many admirers. At the same time, before creating TikTok videos, there were always people who wanted to connect with me. It's tiring to respond to all of them.

"I thought to myself: if someone is willing to pay RM1 for my contact details, and I received 8,000 requests... I could make money this way," he said.

Image via TikTok

Speaking to SAYS, Raihan said his clients include very, very important people (VVIPs) and celebrities. He declined to reveal the largest amount of money he has made from a single client.

Raihan said he will not offer his rental boyfriend services forever, as he is currently saving up to launch a business

"Bank officials have already offered me a loan. I just need another RM100,000 to start my business.

"But I still haven't figured out what business I'm going to launch. I want to seek advice from a (business) consultant first once I am done with the clients who have not received my calls," mStar quoted him as saying.

Raihan told SAYS that more people have reached out to him after he was featured on mStar and Harian Metro.

He also mentioned that he will reveal his face on TikTok once he quits his rental boyfriend services, acknowledging that this lucrative job also comes with its own pressure and stress.

Image via TikTok

Renting a boyfriend or a girlfriend is among the 'odd jobs' that have emerged in this digital era:

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