Sisters Can't Believe Rude M'sian Driver Flashes His Passport As An Excuse To Cut Queue

The encounter occurred when they were stuck in a four-hour long traffic jam on the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link bridge.

Cover image via Joanna Loh (Facebook)

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A pair of sisters making their way home to Malaysia were struck by disbelief when a rude driver flashed his passport as an excuse to cut into their queue on the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link bridge

In a viral Facebook post, Joanna Loh shared that she and her sister, Vicky Sia, were stuck in a traffic jam for four hours during the long weekend ahead of Singapore's National Day despite leaving Singapore around 7am on Saturday, 6 August.

During the slow crawl, while the siblings were inching forward, a black Honda Civic suddenly decided to cut in front of their car.

In the video posted by the sisters, the driver of the black car can be seen glaring at them before he pulls himself back into the car and winds up his window.

Loh said it was likely that the man was acting like a bully because she was driving a car with a Singaporean number plate.

Not wanting to give in, Loh continued forward and was angered when the driver rolled his window down again to flash his Malaysian passport in all its red glory

Loh wrote in the post that she would have allowed him to cut into the line if he had turned on his signal and not glared at them.

"You saw that we were driving a car with a Singaporean number plate, and saw that we are only two girls, so you thought it was okay to bully us?!" she said.

"You also arrogantly took out your Malaysian passport to wave at us. So what?! Does your Malaysian passport give you priority?"

She continued to rant saying, "We are also Malaysians! So you think if we drive a Singapore car [and] we are Singaporeans, we would allow a road hog like you to bully us?"

She added that the man made her feel ashamed as a Malaysian.

In another video, the incident continues with the man getting down from his car and pointing at his Malaysian car plate

The video shows the man, identified as a Johorean due to his licence plate number, pointing at them, then to his phone, and giving them a thumbs up before going back into his car.

The Facebook post garnered the attention of Malaysians who were amused by the incident and joked that they had found a new use for their passport

One Malaysian commented, "Next time I jump in line, I will also show my passport."

Image via Facebook

"Passport used as a Dato' card?" another questioned.

Image via Facebook

A Malaysian commented "You're out" as the usage of the passport is similar to the red card used in football matches.

Image via Facebook

A Facebook user wrote, "Who says Singapore's passport is the best? Malaysia's is more powerful, you can jump in line wherever you go."

Image via Facebook

Following the incident, the Johor man took to Facebook to respond to Loh's viral post

In a now deleted post, the male driver said that he was stuck in traffic for three hours on the same morning. 

The man reportedly said he saw a sign that indicated a lane for Malaysian cars, which is why he proceeded to turn on his signal to turn into the right lane. He went on to say that if the sisters did not want him to cut them, then they should have continued moving forward.

"But this car honked at me and, worse yet, I saw it was a Singaporean car," he said.

He told members of the public that the reason he took out his passport was to show that he had a right to be in the lane for Malaysian cars.

"It's a good thing I didn't even flip my middle finger at you. F**k you, Malaysian turned Singapore permanent residents (PR)" he added.

He also addressed the sisters as "two fat women" at the end of his statement.

According to Loh, the man continued to dox her by posting her photos on his Facebook account

In one caption, he wrote mockingly, "I am a fat woman. My husband left me for someone else because I am a woman with issues."

Speaking with SAYS, Loh said that as of Tuesday, 9 August, the man has yet to apologise to her and her sister.

"Even if he apologises now, we also won't accept it as he personally attacked and disrespected us," she said.

Last month, an angry woman went viral for throwing an SUV's licence plate at the Johor Bahru checkpoint:

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