Malaysian Who Shot Dog With A Rifle Sparks Outrage On Facebook

The Malaysia Animal Association (MAA) is offering RM2,000 to anyone with information leading to the man's arrest.

Cover image via Persatuan Haiwan Malaysia - Malaysia Animal Association (Facebook)

Disclaimer: This story contains disturbing footage. Viewer discretion is advised.

A video of a bare-chested man shooting at a dog with a rifle was circulated on social media yesterday, 23 November

In the 30-second video, a dog can be heard yelping and whimpering in pain after getting shot. A voice can be heard in the background saying that he “only hit the leg”.

Facebook netizens were outraged at the man's actions and criticised him for using firearms

Image via Facebook

"I can't bear listening to the dog when it got shot. If you don't like it, just shoo it away."

Image via Facebook

"Where was this? If anyone is nearby. please lodge a police report first."

Image via Facebook

"Firearms are used to protect your crops, uncle. You can't just shoot animals for fun unless the animals are threatening your life by entering your house. The dog is far away. If you don't like them, you can just throw a piece of wood or scare them with it. If they are a disturbance, the authorities will capture them."

The Malaysia Animal Association (MAA) is offering a RM2,000 reward to anyone who has information on the man that will lead to his conviction

Speaking to Harian Metro, MAA president Arie Dwi Andika hopes that action will be taken against the perpetrator through public cooperation.

Meanwhile, another animal welfare organisation, Persatuan Haiwan Terbiar Malaysia (SAFM), also urged any witnesses or individuals to come forward to them with information.

The president of SAFM, R Kalaivanan, said that the man's identity and location of the incident are still under investigation.

You can contact MAA and SAFM by sending them a WhatsApp message at +601120901097 and +60162662007 respectively.

Malaysia Animal Association (MAA) president Arie Dwi Andika.

Image via Persatuan Haiwan Malaysia - Malaysia Animal Association (Facebook)

Malaysians can be convicted for shooting animals without authorisation or valid reasons as it is considered illegal to do so

If charged under Section 30 of the Animal Welfare Act 2015, the man could face a maximum fine of RM100,000 or jail for not longer than three years, or both.

On 11 November, a man was charged for killing his neighbour's dog with a machete:

This year, animals of different species have faced cruel and degrading treatment in Malaysia:

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