Malaysian Master's Graduate Said She Is Not Ashamed To Marry A Lorry Driver

"I was asked less than 24 hours of my wedding, why I didn't marry a teacher or someone from my university."

Cover image via Zuraiha Zaini/Facebook

A woman did not appreciate it when nosy villagers and relatives criticised her for marrying a lorry driver

Zuraiha Zaini is a 27-year old who graduated from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) with a master's in printmaking.

She met her husband, Mohd Hafis Hozahli, in secondary school in Sekinchan, Selangor more than 10 years ago.

After years of going their own way, they became close again when Hafis' sister went to the same university that Zuraiha was studying at.

"Humans can arrange and plan, but in the end, it's all up to God," wrote Zuraiha in her blog.

Finally in August this year, they tied the knot.

However, some people did not think he was a good match for her

"I'm a teacher, he's a truck driver. I have a bachelor's and master's degree, he only has SPM," wrote Zuraiha under the Twitter handle @AzuraOrkid.

"The villagers criticised my parents saying 'smart daughter but married a lorry driver'."

However, she countered, "Dear aunty, it's not dishonourable to marry a lorry driver."

She stands proud that she married a lorry driver despite the comments made by family and friends

"There were cousins who asked why I didn't marry a teacher or someone from my university. I was asked that less than 24 hours of my akad nikah (solemnisation)," she told mStar.

"During the wedding reception, some villagers asked my parents why I have a master's but married a lorry driver? They said it was not suitable.

"Don't look down on someone just because they drive a lorry. Our family accepted him because he is responsible, patient, and helpful," she replied.

In the replies, Twitter users assured her that the villagers were wrong and lorry drivers earn a pretty decent income

A Twitter user wrote "Congratulations, they don't know that lorry drivers are well-off."

To which another user made a point, "My next-door neighbour is a lorry driver. He owns a Volkswagen Polo, a new Hilux, two motorcycles, his wife isn't working, and he even bought a house."

"The income of lorry drivers are stable now, but what is important is to earn an honest living," said this user.

"Today he is a lorry driver, tomorrow he may be the boss of a lorry business. Don't be arrogant. From a software engineer, the son of a lorry driver."

This user reminded everyone that, "What is important is to have a good heart. Income and job titles do not guarantee our happiness."

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