Malaysian Mother Reunites With 9-Year-Old Son After Being Separated For 2 Years

The child's father brought him to Dubai on the pretext of a holiday, but he hasn't been back to Malaysia since.

Cover image via The National & Ali Al Shouk/Gulf News

A Malaysian mother could not hold back her tears when she finally reunited with her nine-year-old son after being separated for two years

38-year-old Rose Hu was in a year-long legal battle, fighting for the custody of her son after she and her husband divorced four years ago, reported UAE news agency The National.

In December 2018, the father brought their son to Dubai on the pretext of a holiday, but soon after they arrived in the country, the father stopped responding to Hu's messages.

For two years, Hu tried many ways to reconnect with her child, including filing a legal action at the UAE courts, but the case was dismissed by the Court of First Instance and Court of Appeal for being out of their jurisdiction.

However, Hu persisted and took the case to the Court of Cassation — the highest local level court in Dubai — and her case was granted a second chance to be tried again by a new panel of judges.

Rose Hu and her son in Dubai.

Image via Ali Al Shouk/Gulf News

In April 2020, Hu, together with her lawyers at Al Rowaad Advocates, won the custody of her child, but she was met with new obstacles

The father disappeared after the court ordered him to hand the son over to Hu.

On top of that, due to border closures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Malaysian mother was not able to fly to the UAE as well.

Hu waited for another three months until the UAE opened the border for tourists in July.

Following which, she immediately booked the next available flight and went to Dubai.

After spending five months in Dubai and renewing her visit visa numerous times, Hu finally received good news from the local police on Monday, 9 November, that they have found her son

"Dubai Police called me in the morning saying they found my son. There wasn't a single night I wasn't thinking about him and crying, but it's all over now," Gulf News quoted her as saying outside Dubai Police Headquarters.

"I was very happy to finally have him back in my life again."

"His grandparents and relatives are all waiting for him. They were asking about him a lot. I told them that I met my son. I want to thank Dubai Police for helping me. Thanks to their hard work and compassion."

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