[PHOTOS] Malaysians Young And Old Head To The Polling Stations To Cast Their Votes

Some eager Malaysians made their way to their polling stations before the sun had fully risen.

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Polling day is officially upon us! After weeks of anticipation, crowds of Malaysian voters have arrived at polling stations across the country to cast their votes for GE14.

In an effort to beat the crowds, some early birds made their way to their polling stations before the sun had fully risen

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Some queues outside schools were 2km long

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Voters came prepared with umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun or rain while they stood in line

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In SS2, a homeowner has even put out plastic chairs for tired voters to sit on!

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The waiting doesn't stop there! Patient voters can be seen in long queues even inside the polling stations.

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People could be heard helping each other check their 'saluran' and commenting on attire

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Despite the tiring wait, these senior citizens are braving it out to exercise their right to vote

Just like that, some Malaysians have already casted their votes!

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EC says 24% voters have cast their votes as of 10am

Voters could also be heard making breakfast and brunch arrangements before and after the wait!

In the spirit of election day, some eateries are rewarding voters with free meals today.

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Head over to the SAYS GE14 live website on polling day for verified, real-time results and updates:

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