"But I Was Here First" – M'sian Woman Uses Baby Stroller To Book Parking Spot For Husband

Netizens criticised the husband for asking his wife and child to reserve the parking spot.

Cover image via KL娱乐站 (Facebook)

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A video of a Malaysian woman who used her baby stroller to reserve a parking spot in a shopping mall has gone viral

The 28-second video was shared in a community Facebook group by a female driver who made the recording.

In the clip, she is seen confronting the lady reserving the parking spot, who can be seen standing in the middle of the space with the stroller.

"But I was here first," the lady retorts.

This led the person filming the video to question the lady, "I want to ask you, is this (the pram) a car?"

However, the lady insists that the parking lot is hers as she gestures and says, "Yeah, (I) am making a round (to claim the empty spot)."

The driver argues that it is her parking spot because the lady's car has not arrived

"The car needs to arrive first," the woman driver emphasises. 

When the dispute was still not settled, the driver says, "Okay. Let's talk about morals." 

The lady is taken aback by the response.

In another shorter clip, the lady's husband can be seen finally arriving at the parking spot and seemingly waiting inside the car.

When asked what happened at the end, the driver said that the family did not budge

"I want to ask, did you (give them the parking spot) in the end?" a netizen asked.

The driver replied, "I did. They really did not want to move."

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, there were netizens who questioned why the two parties spent their time arguing when there was an empty parking space in the next row, next to a yellow Perodua Myvi

A Facebook user pointed out, "Obviously, there is an empty parking lot at the back."

Image via Facebook

A netizen said that there was no need to argue and create a commotion. Instead, the driver could have taken a picture of the lady and her car number plate and left to find another parking spot.

If the driver was still not satisfied, she could report the issue to the police.

Image via Facebook

Others criticised the husband for asking his wife and child to reserve the parking spot, as well as sitting in the car and watching the whole commotion

Someone suggested that he should have dropped his wife and child at the shopping mall entrance.

Image via Facebook

One netizen said, "I suggest you park at the jockey. You don't need to take your baby to the parking lot to find a spot. This kind of husband who asks his wife and child to fight for a parking lot is not a good person."

Image via Facebook

"Useless man. He is sitting in the car with the air conditioner on, not brave enough to get out, and let his wife physically occupy the parking space. This kind of man really is trash," another added.

Image via Facebook

The video of the commotion can be found here.

People who 'chup' parking spots can be slapped with a fine or face imprisonment:

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