Malaysian Woman Reunites With Long-Lost Biological Mother Thanks To Viral Twitter Post

Motivated by her impending nuptials, Ayu Razak finally made her search public.

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On 5 March, a woman took to Twitter to ask for help in finding her long-lost biological mother

Posting on the Twitter handle @ynrazak, Ayu Razak asked Twitter users to share her story so that she may find the woman who gave birth to her. 

The tweet, which went out last Monday, quickly went viral and has been retweeted 19,000 times at the time of writing.

Ayu, who found out she was adopted when she was 12, also included what little information she had of her biological mother - photos given to her by the woman's friends, her name, hometown and former place of work

Along with the old photographs, Ayu posted that the woman's name is Siti Rozani and that she was born in Sandakan, Sabah.

"This is all the information I have. In 1995 she worked near Shin Eats, section 26 in Shah Alam," she added.

There's a heartwarming reason why Ayu decided to make her search public. The 22-year-old is actually getting married this year, and she wanted her birth mother and the rest of her biological family to attend the wedding.

Ayu was aware that she had biological siblings, saying "Before mama gave birth to me, she was already married and had other children. At the time mama had some problems, she had to give me away to ibu to take care of me."

She also admitted that she has been thinking about searching for her biological family since she was in Standard Six, but she was too young and had no idea where to start.

Barely 18 hours after posting the tweet, Ayu received a direct message from her biological aunt!

After introducing herself as Cici Windrawaty Binti Mudrika, the sister of Ayu's biological mother, she asked Ayu for her telephone number so that they can communicate more easily.

Cici also included a current photo of Siti Rozani in the message. 

Shortly after, Ayu made contact with her biological mother on WhatsApp

Later that night, Ayu finally reunited with her birth mother after 22 years apart. :')

Ayu and her biological mother, reunited.

Image via @ynrazak / Twitter

Ayu brought along her adoptive mother, whom she calls "ibu", to meet her biological mother

Ayu's adoptive mother (left) wit her biological mother (right).

Image via @ynrazak / Twitter

"When ibu explained everything from A to Z, I was not angry. I've never scolded her as she took care of me all this time," Ayu said.

"She asked me if I would leave her and return to mama, and I said no, as she is my mother until the end."

Ayu was also able to meet three out of five of her biological siblings

She explained that she has an elder sister and younger brother who could not make it to the reunion, but that she looks forward to spending time with them soon.

For Twitter users who have been following her story, it was a moment of celebration and a happy ending to a heartwarming tale

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