M'sians In Dublin End Up With Bruises On Face & Back After Racist Attack By Teens

The assailants assaulted the Malaysian victims and shouted "I will f--king kill you" at them.

Cover image via Norzie Pak Wan Chek (Facebook)

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Four Malaysians were faced with a racist attack while travelling in Dublin, Ireland, when a group of teenagers beat them and screamed "I will f--king kill you" at them

The horrifying experience was shared by former newscaster Norzie Pak Wan Chek on Facebook last Monday, 5 December.

Norzie said her niece, the niece's friend, and their brother and sister, were out in the capital city to do some last-minute shopping on 4 December, as they had to fly back to Malaysia the next day.

Speaking to SAYS, Norzie said they are aged between 18 and 27. Her niece is a junior doctor who is currently doing her housemanship in Clonmel.

"By 8.15pm, all four were waiting for a bus to take them back to their Airbnb rental," Norzie wrote.

"It was at this time that they were jeered at by a group of teenage boys who started throwing an empty can at my niece and tossing dirty fries from the floor of a restaurant they were waiting at."

Norzie related that more boys joined the group after the initial assault, but her niece and friends walked to a bus station to avoid confrontation

"The boys wouldn't give up. [They] quickly pursued and circled around them on their bicycles, occasionally braking hard [at] my niece and the rest to scare them. 'I'll f--king kill you!' they threatened," she continued.

"Four boys removed their bicycle seatposts and started beating my niece [on] the back of her neck. My niece's friend and brother quickly reacted by shielding her, not once laying a hand on the attackers as they were clearly outnumbered."

Norzie said more assailants stepped in and physically assaulted them, leaving bruises on their eyes and backs, as seen in photos.

The assailants only stopped when the niece called the police, while one of them screamed loudly for help in the dark.

Even after 30 minutes, the police had not arrived. They only managed to get to the police station, which was three minutes away, after hitching a ride from a kind passer-by.

"What happened to my loved ones that night should never happen to anyone," Norzie said.

"[They were] traumatised and injured late at night on a weekend in a foreign country, so I decided to reach out to Wisma Putra through my friend."

"Within minutes, the recently sworn-in foreign minister, Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir, contacted (my friend) to inform her that he had spoken to the Secretary-General, Datuk Seri Amran Mohamed Zin, to take the necessary action."

"The minister also called me personally and promised that the four of them would be taken care of."

By 5am, the chargé d'affaires, Puan Nadzira Abd Razak, and her colleagues were at the airport, where the victims were, to provide medical and boarding assistance.

"They (the representatives) later escorted my niece back on a two-hour drive all the way to Tipperary University Hospital in Clonmel, where she works, to get her the medical attention  she needed. They waited until everything was done, took her home, ensured she was okay, and then drove back," Norzie wrote.

In retrospect, the newscaster was amazed by the quick response she, her niece, and her friends received, as Zambry had yet to clock in officially as the Foreign Minister on that Sunday night

"From the bottom of my heart, thank you, sir. I know now that Wisma Putra is in good hands," she concluded the Facebook post.

Speaking to SAYS, Norzie claimed the police in Dublin told them that it was not the first time the assailants "buat kacau" (were a nuisance).

Due to how the local law protects minors and the fact that most of the victims have left Dublin, it is difficult for the police to continue pursuing the case.

However, the chargé d’affaires would be speaking with the police to ensure that such a case does not occur in the future.

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