"I Won't Forgive" – Couple Who Lost Unborn Baby Wants Lorry Driver & Company To Be Charged

"This is our first child. Why are you all being so cruel and taking our baby away from us?"

Cover image via Inforoadblock (Facebook)

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A video of a lorry's cargo falling and colliding with two vehicles went viral on social media recently

In the 16-second video, the lorry can be seen driving on a narrow two-way lane, and after passing a corner, its cargo falls to the side, flipping the cars it hits.

The dashcam footage also shows the severity of the accident, as a Honda City seen in the video is completely destroyed in the collision.

The incident in the video occurred in Gerik, Perak, and one of the vehicles involved in the accident was driven by a pregnant couple

Due to the accident, the wife was severely injured and lost her unborn child after carrying it for 34 weeks, reported Kosmo.

"This incident could have been avoided, but it happened due to the driver's and the company's negligence," said her husband.

"I will not forgive all of you. No one from your company or the transportation company has called to apologise or ask us if we are doing well," he added.

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Image via valeria_aksakova/freepik

The husband wants the driver and the company to accept responsibility for the incident, which has traumatised both him and his wife severely

According to him, the lorry was driven at speeds exceeding the permitted limit and it was also carrying loads exceeding the safe limit.

"Due to this accident, my wife's uterus ruptured, her spine was split, three ribs were broken, and her brain and heart were injured," said the victim.

"This is our first child. Why are you all being so cruel and taking our baby away from us?"

The lorry driver fled the scene right after the accident but was apprehended by police during a roadblock operation in Jeli, Kelantan.

The husband hopes that the driver receives proper sentences for his actions.

Image for illustration purposes only.

Image via senivpetro/freepik

The video of the incident can be found below:

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