Netizen Shares How M'sians Can Save RM100,000 In 3 Years By Working Odd Jobs In Singapore

Netizen Ng Yeow Chong said working at odd jobs in Singapore is a good way for many young Malaysians to save up their first RM100,000.

Cover image via @mcdsg (Instagram) via Singapore Foodie & Ng Yeow Chong (Facebook)

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A Facebook post about how Malaysians can save RM100,000 in three years while working odd jobs in Singapore has garnered a lot of netizens' attention, with many agreeing that the plan is feasible

Writing in a Facebook community post last month, Ng Yeow Chong shared how Malaysians who just enter the workforce, especially those who recently completed SPM, can save RM100,000 in three years.

"I believe that most people can do it. This (post) is for those friends who can't save RM100,000. It is easier to do it if you are single for the three-year period," he began, adding that the plan is foolproof for most people, and those who graduated with certification can achieve it even easier.

"If you are interested, you can go to work at a McDonald's outlet in Singapore."

"You can earn SGD2,000 (about RM6,422) there. If you live near the McDonald's outlet, you can walk there, saving the transportation cost. And the job probably also provides basic meals."

In the post, he attached a photo of a vacancy banner that shows a McDonald's Singapore outlet is willing to pay at least SGD2,150 (about RM6,904) for positions such as manager, guest experience leader, family ambassador, barista, McDelivery rider, and crew member.

The benefits include medical coverage, annual leave, restaurant incentives, employee discount, and employee meals.

Ng continued that if one chooses not to buy medical insurance for the first three years, they can save at least RM4,200 per month

"You earn SGD2,150 and spend SGD750. You save SGD1,400," he calculated.

He then converted the amount to Ringgit with a conversion rate of RM3.00 instead of the current rate of RM3.21, which came up to RM4,200.

"RM4,200 x 12 months x 3 years, it equates to RM151,200."

Ng added that if one wanted to spend SGD1,500 a month, they can opt for jobs that provide over-time pay, where their monthly salary can go up to SGD3,000.

"SGD1,500 x 3 (conversion) x 12 months x 2 years = RM108,000."

He encouraged those who have just entered the workforce and desire to work in Singapore to just go to Singapore as it will not be the wrong decision.

"Save money on food and work for two to three years. Once you have enough money, you can then pursue other jobs based on your interest."

Ng told SAYS that he has been working in the IT industry for over three years in Singapore. The first paycheque he received in Singapore was SGD1,700.

According to him, it does not matter what jobs Malaysians get in Singapore but as long as they budget their spending and follow a rigorous saving plan that their salary allows, most people can save RM100,000 within a few years' time.

In the comments section, Ng answered many netizens' questions, ranging from the risk of not buying medical insurance to not allocating some money for their parents

Ng contended that even if one wanted to buy a medical plan, it would only cost SGD100 (about RM321) in Malaysia.

To the argument that it is unhealthy to eat McDonald's three meals a day, Ng apologised and said it was just an example, adding that there are plenty of restaurants in malls that offer the same benefit and pay.

He said cashier jobs that have a SGD3,000 monthly salary in malls include the famous hot pot chain from China, but said that one has to be able to endure long working hours there.

Last week, a job vacancy poster offering odd jobs at Changi Airport for a RM10,000 monthly salary went viral:

In July, Malaysians were surprised that the same jobs are paid so much more in Singapore even before currency conversion:

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