Man Climbs Over A Woman's House In Bangsar For The Love Of Mangoes

He even left his bamboo stick behind.

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A woman in Bangsar recently faced a peculiar situation: a 'neighbour' who has a fond love for mangoes

On 31 October, a woman posted on Facebook claiming that a stranger had climbed into her house to "steal mangoes" from her tree at 6.50am on Saturday, 27 October.

"His bamboo stick used for hooking the mangoes was [also] left inside my compound," she wrote in a comment.

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The woman claimed that if the man had just asked for permission, she would not have minded giving him the mangoes

But because he climbed into her house, she was "worried for her personal safety" and had to consider it as "trespassing and theft".

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"By any chance you guys know this guy or recognise him, please tell him do not do that again and [that] I am going to lodge a police report," she wrote today.

The woman, who prefers to not be named, told SAYS that she has since lodged a police report.

Meanwhile, a Facebook user replied to her post saying that she recognised the man because he also takes mangoes from her neighbour's house

She added that he even asks the neighbour for a stick to pluck the mangoes with and shares the fruit with the neighbour himself.

He looks a little unfriendly but as far as I have seen and think, he just likes mangoes, she wrote.
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