Man Clung Onto Speeding Car For 7KM In A Bid To Stop Wife And Her Lover

The driver sped up the car up to 70km/h in a bid to shake the man off.

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A Singaporean man, who suspected his wife was having an affair, confronted her lover by jumping on his car's windscreen after they walked out of a hotel

According to The Straits Times, the incident happened on 28 April last year at about 1.45am.

The 27-year-old husband caught the two after waiting for about an hour outside Fragrance Hotel Kovan in Upper Serangoon Road.

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The husband had found the hotel by following his wife. He had a friend keep an eye on the front door of the hotel while he waited in the back alley.

When he spotted his wife getting into the other man's car after coming out of the hotel, the husband confronted them

The husband walked up to the car and started knocking on the windscreen and driver's window, demanding them to alight from the vehicle.

But instead of obliging to the angry husband's request, the wife's 34-year-old lover, Desmond Koh Wee Boon, drove off with the husband clinging onto the driver's door.

The husband clung onto Koh's windscreen for about 30 minutes

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According to the court document, Koh travelled a total of seven kilometres that night.

In the ordeal, the husband was shaken off the vehicle once, but he managed to clamber back on the vehicle again, reported CNA.

A Grab driver and his passenger saw Koh beating red lights and speeding up to 70km/h.

Koh deliberately sped up and braked intermittently in a bid to shake the husband off.

The husband then shouted for the Grab driver to call the police

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At about 3.40am, the police finally located and stopped Koh.

The wife then asked Koh if he was alright, which angered the husband.

The agitated husband shouted why "she did not care for him first" and was held back by the police officers

Both men were arrested that night.

The husband fainted from hyperventilation while he was held in the police station and was rushed to a hospital for treatment.

Eventually, he was released without any charges.

Koh was sentenced to 11 weeks' jail and disqualified from driving any vehicles for two years

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He is currently out on bail after paying SGD10,000 (RM30,260) and will start serving his sentence on 14 October.

When explaining the sentence, district judge Christopher Goh said Koh had every opportunity to stop the vehicle even if he was "overwhelmed by fear".

Besides, Koh was driving for a long distance and the intermittent braking "added to the danger".

"The mitigating factors are not exceptional in this case," the judge ruled.

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