Man Comes Forward To Claim Lost Bag Filled With RM500,000 In Damansara Mall

He claimed he had two such bags filled with cash but lost one.

Cover image via Hazreen Mohamad/New Straits Times

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After more than a week, an individual claiming to be the owner of a suitcase containing RM500,000 found at a shopping centre in Damansara has come forward

According to the New Straits Times, Selangor police chief Datuk Hussein Omar Khan said a man presented himself to the Damansara police station around 5pm yesterday, 31 March, to give a statement.

The man, who is the director of a timber company, told the police that the cash was a repayment from a friend to whom he had lent money.

He claimed he hadn't realised that one of two similar bags, which contained the cash, was left behind at the parking lot of his friend's apartment above the shopping centre when he drove away after collecting the money.

"It was only when he wanted to retrieve the bags from his car the next day that he realised a bag [was] missing," Hussein told The Star.

Hussein said, however, the man did not provide any proof that the cash, which he claimed is his company's money, belonged to him

Investigations into the claim are still ongoing.

The police chief added that further statements would be recorded from the man, especially about how he had obtained that amount of cash.

So far, it is reported that only one individual has come forward to claim ownership of the money.

On 20 March, a security guard had found the suitcase containing RM500,000 left in the parking lot of a shopping mall:

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