"White Rice With Glue" – Man Frustrated With Shah Alam Restaurant's Awful Butter Chicken

One netizen thought the meal resembled cat vomit.

Cover image via @mijiiiiiiiiiii (Twitter)

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you might say that Malaysian butter chicken is one of the simplest meals to make.

However, one man was left disappointed after he ordered a plate of rice and butter chicken from a local restaurant.

Twitter user @mijiiiiiiiiiii expressed his displeasure on his account with the restaurant's failed attempt at making the dish.

"To all merchants, shop owners, and Tom Yum restaurants, if you don't know how to make butter chicken, please don't sell it. Thank you," said the man.

He also included a photo of the disappointing meal he received, which sparked a discussion among Twitter users.

The man told SAYS that he ordered the meal from a restaurant in Shah Alam via Foodpanda

Even though he said he only paid RM9 for the meal, the man still did not expect it to be that awful.

"The price doesn't validate how they cooked the food because, in the end, it was not even edible," he told SAYS.

After taking his first bite, the man described the taste of the chicken as bland, and that he could not even taste any hint of butter from the meal.

Instead of taking another bite, he declared that he could not finish the meal and threw away the butter chicken.

"Tried to finish it but I just couldn't. I threw away the chicken, but ate the rice with other side dishes," he added.

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Image via Purple Bowl/Blogspot

Malaysians were also disgusted by the image he shared and left their thoughts in the comments section

One user commented that before reading the image's caption, they thought that the man's cat had vomited on his rice.

Image via Twitter

Another said that the butter chicken looks like lotion.

Image via Twitter

"White rice with glue," commented one user.

Image via Twitter

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