"Is RM86 Normal?" – JB Family Celebrating New Year In KL Is Stunned By Nasi Kandar's Price

Sim Chong said he does not know the normal price of nasi kandar in Kuala Lumpur, as it was his family's first time having it in the capital city.

Cover image via Cheng CB (Facebook)

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Every now and then, cases of Malaysian diners complaining about the exorbitant price of the food they pay at nasi kandar, seafood, and economy rice restaurants will blow up on the Internet

Image via SAYS

Before 2022 came to an end, another case emerged.

And this time, it involved a Johorean family that visited Kuala Lumpur to celebrate the New Year.

Venting their discontent on Facebook yesterday, 2 January, Sim Chong and his father recounted how they were charged RM86 for a serving of nasi kandar with an extra plate of rice.

Chong said the incident took place at a stall at the Food Republic food court in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

"Is RM86 normal? Are prices like that (in the capital city)?" asked Chong in a KL community group, adding, "I don't know because I'm from Johor. First time eating (this in KL)."

The photo Chong uploaded shows a squid, fried chicken, some curry, and two servings of rice

According to him, he was charged twice for the squid due to its sheer size.

"I took one sotong, but I was charged for two. I asked them about it and they told me it was because the size was huge. But the (menu display board) only shows one size (for the largest squid)," he said.

In a separate post, Chong's father uploaded a photo of the stall with the menu displayed. It says the medium-sized "Fresh Squid" costs RM35, while the large-sized one costs RM45.

For some reason, Chong was charged RM70 for "two Fresh Squid L". However, the only possible combination arriving at the price of RM70 is two mid-sized squid.

Speaking to SAYS, Chong said he and his family were flabbergasted by the price, adding that he only requested another serving of rice after he was given the bill

"It was already very late at that time (9.52pm). We were counting down at Pavilion KL, so we went to eat at the food court because we thought it would be cheap. We didn't drive," said the 16-year-old.

"The nasi kandar was for me, but I added the rice after seeing the price."

Chong said he was dining at the food court with his family of five.

At the time of writing, Chong's post has garnered over 300 shares and 400 comments

While a majority of netizens said RM86 for nasi kandar was expensive, some netizens said that they were charged around the same price range whenever they took a large squid.

Image via Facebook

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