Man Gives First Aid Instead Of Scolding Motorcyclists Who Crashed Into His Car

"I wish that more Malaysians were kind like you."

Cover image via Arman Irman (Facebook)

A kind man decided to give first aid to a pair of motorcyclists who accidentally crashed into his car, instead of scolding them as many others often would

The incident, which was shared by Facebook user Arman Irman, happened on Monday morning, 31 August, when Lieutenant Hishamuddin Salleh, an officer from the Malaysian Civil Defence Force (APM), was on his way to work.

The motorcycle, with a rider and passenger on it, suddenly crashed into the back of his car and fell onto the highway.

Without making a fuss, Hishamuddin immediately stopped his car by the roadside and got down to help the fallen motorcyclists move to the side of the road

He then grabbed paramedic equipment that he had in the back of his car and proceeded to give first aid to them.

Hishammudin then only sent the motorcyclists on their way when he was sure that they were able to make it to a clinic by themselves for further medical attention.

"Congratulations Hishamuddin, you're a hero to me," said Arman in his post.

"I wish that more Malaysians were kind like you."

Hishamuddin's act of kindness was also shared on the Kuala Lumpur APM Facebook page

"They had crashed into his car. Instead of getting angry and reprimanding them, he chose to help the victims of the crash instead," said the Kuala Lumpur APM in their post.

They added that Hishamuddin is also a volunteer fireman at FGV Kuala Lumpur where he is currently stationed.

Netizens were touched by Hishamuddin's selfless deed and showered him with praise

"You're an idol to FGV. You're the best, brother," said a Facebook user, while another commented that Hishamuddin made her really proud.

"I also saw the accident while passing by there earlier. Grateful to still have people like you, sir," said this user.

All to which Hishamuddin humbly replied, "Thank you everyone, it was merely an opportunity to offer the little help that I could with whatever I had."

Here is Arman's full post:

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