Man Sends 90-Year-Old Neighbour To Her Vaccine Appointment As Her Son Couldn't

Syed Hassan said he volunteered to do so as the elderly woman has always been a good neighbour to him since he was a child.

Cover image via Hazira Ahmad Zaidi/New Straits Times & Harian Metro

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A Kelantan man did not hesitate to drive and accompany his 90-year-old neighbour to her COVID-19 vaccine appointment after learning that her son could not do so

Syed Hassan Syed Bakar made a 90km round trip from Rantau Pajang to Kota Bharu with his elderly neighbour, Gan Giok Hiang, to make sure she got her vaccination.

The 60-year-old told New Straits Times that Gan's son was unable to take her to her appointment at Universiti Sains Malaysia because he lived in Kota Bharu and could not cross districts.

"I volunteered to do so," Syed Hassan said. "I drove about 45km, starting from Rantau Panjang at 9.30am and we reached the vaccination centre around 11am."

Syed Hassan said Gan needed a wheelchair to move about, so it would have been difficult for her 79-year-old niece to bring her alone

So, the kind man accompanied both women to their appointments.

"This is nothing new to me as I have taken them to their hospital appointments before," he explained.

He added that it was his sister who helped Gan register for her vaccine on MySejahtera two weeks ago, and was the one who reminded him to take her for the appointment that day.

"My sister filled in her phone number as Gan does not have a mobile phone, and also it is easier for anyone to call us about the vaccine appointment date," he said.

The man added that they have been neighbours for a long time, so they do not think twice about helping each other out

"I have known both of them since I was a child. Whenever I needed help, one of them would reach out," he said.

He added that the vaccination process was quick and they did not have to wait long as both of them are in the high-risk group.

Even though Gan was initially apprehensive as she has high blood pressure, he said she did not experience any side effects immediately after the jab and encouraged everyone to take the vaccine as well.

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