Kind Man Pays For Father Struggling To Find Cheapest Formula Milk & Diapers In Store

"In these tough times, it's a blessing to help each other out."

Cover image via Lim Yaohui/The Straits Times & Tokjed Bundle Shop (Facebook)

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A kind man in Selangor went out of his way to help a fellow father after seeing the other man struggle to buy essentials at a baby supply store in Bangi

Sharing the story on his Facebook page, the man who lent a helping hand, Armel Iman Darwisyah, said he first took notice of the struggling father because the man had walked around the shop countless of times.

He seemed to be looking for something but was not picking anything up.

"I watched from a distance... And it seemed like he couldn't find what he was looking for," Armel wrote.

"When it just so happened that he stood next to me while still looking around, I immediately asked him what was the matter."

The man simply told Armel that he could not find the baby necessities he needed

Armel suggested that he should ask a store assistant for help, and the man said he did but he still needed to look around.

Not very satisfied with the answer, Armel went to do his own shopping and picked up four packs of diapers for his own children.

Then, the father-of-two suddenly overheard the other man asking the store assistant about the items that he was looking for:

Excuse me, do you sell any cheap baby supplies here? The cheapest milk, the cheapest diapers?

The man continued to tell the staff, "I'm just looking for the cheapest ones. Now that it's the Movement Control Order (MCO) again, I haven't been able to find much work."

After hearing the sad conversation, Armel said it was his luck that the man ended up in the cashier line behind him

"I could see that he bought the smallest pack of diapers, and the cheapest and smallest can of milk. In my heart, I knew it was for his child, and I felt so sorry for him," Armel wrote.

So, when it came to his turn to pay, Armel whispered to the cashier that he was also going to pay for the customer after him.

"Dik, please also count the stuff that the brother behind me bought. Just add on, for three of everything – the diapers and the milk. Later let him go take the extra."

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Image via Nurul Amelia Ishak/New Straits Times

Leaving the store to his car, Armel said he heard the cashier tell the man that everything had already been paid for and more

Satisfied, he went to load his things to go home, but was quickly stopped by the man from the store.

"Ya Allah, abang, why did you pay for everything? I can still afford to buy supplies for my children. You didn't have to do this for me," the man said, embarrassed.

However, he added, "Thank you very much, abang. I hope Allah will repay your kindness. And I pray abang will have a good life, in this world and the hereafter."

Armel assured him that it was just a small gesture and that he wanted to share his fortune.

The story has since been shared over 15,000 times across several local news pages on Facebook

Armel told SAYS that he did not expect a post on his personal page to go viral.

"It was just an honest sharing from my heart. The story also brought tears to my eyes. After hearing that, how could I not help? It would have been evil of me," he said.

"I'm a father too, so I felt responsible. I know he was going through a tough time because I've gone through hardship too."

Armel said we should always help others to the extent that we can, because even though we may be going through difficult times, there are many others going through worse than us.

Netizens loved the story and thanked Armel for such a selfless gesture in the midst of the pandemic

"In these tough times, it's a blessing to help each other out. God bless you, kind soul," said a Facebook user.

Image via Facebook

Another said, "Oh my God, I had goosebumps and I had tears reading this. Thank God some of us still have humanity in them (sic), otherwise the world is turning so self-centred these days. God bless both the men."

Image via Facebook

This netizen said, "Alhamdulilah, there are still generous souls. I hope we will all continue to be generous and work to help each other out."

Image via Facebook

You can read Armel's Facebook post here:

It's always nice to hear about Malaysians doing random acts of kindness:

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