"They'll Become Arrogant" – Man Hides His RM143 Million Jackpot Win From Wife & Child

He claimed his prize in a cartoon costume to hide his identity from everyone, including his own family.

Cover image via Guangxi Welfare Lottery Center & eprouzet/Unsplash

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A man in South China won 220 million yuan (RM143 million) in a lottery but has yet to tell his wife and child about his win

The lucky man, who goes by the alias Li, purchased 40 lottery tickets in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region for 80 yuan (RM52), each with the same seven numbers, reported South China Morning Post.

All seven numbers were drawn, resulting in a payout of 5.48 million yuan (RM3.57 million) per ticket, and Li became a millionaire overnight.

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Image via eprouzet/Unsplash

Li went to claim his prize at the Guangxi Welfare Lottery Distribution Centre in Nanning, the region's capital city, on Monday, 24 October, dressed in a cartoon costume to protect his identity

The man was so ecstatic about his win, he said, but tried to contain his excitement to avoid telling anyone about it, including his family.

"I have not told my wife or my child. I'm worried that they will feel superior to others and will not work or study as hard in the future," Li said.

He also donated five million yuan (almost RM3.26 million) of his winnings to charity.

Li stated that he had consistently played the lottery with the same seven numbers for the past few years because the numbers "looked pleasing"

The man said that he had only managed to win a few dozen yuan in the past.

"I regard buying the lottery as a hobby, and my family does not care. Plus, I do not spend much money on it, and the lottery provides a ray of hope for me," he was quoted as saying.

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Image via waldemarbrandt67w/Unsplash

Despite his big win, Li may face legal trouble for hiding his win from his wife

According to a local law firm, the new lottery winner might be in violation of Chinese marriage law because Li "infringed on his wife's right to know," reported Jiupai News.

This means Li's wife should be treated as though he had told her about the lottery win because the money is considered a joint asset for the couple.

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