Man Horrified To Find Dog Chained Behind Car & Dragged For Almost 2KM In Port Dickson

The incident resulted in the dog's unfortunate death.

Cover image via Facebook

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Disclaimer: This story contains disturbing images. Reader discretion is advised.

On Saturday, 27 May, around 6.45pm, a lorry driver witnessed a tragic incident outside his home at Kampung Sri Parit, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

The driver, Rajes Donarow uploaded a video showing a dog chained to the side of a car, which went viral on Facebook.

The concerned neighbour said the dog's owner was a man from the same village as him.

"The man was driving an old car with the dog chained next to the vehicle," Rajes explained.

Though the dog was bleeding profusely from its paws and gravel was scraping its chest, the man kept on driving

"I got on my motorcycle and pursued the man. I signaled him to stop but he kept on driving," explained the 44-year-old.

Rajes ended up overtaking the red Proton Saga and swiftly removed the keys out of its ignition before confronting the driver for treating the dog in such an inhumane manner.

"The man claimed ownership of the dog, adding it was his right to treat it however he wanted and remarked that it was none of my business," said Rajes.
Rajes also mentioned that the man had been dragging the canine for almost 2km.

Image via Facebook

Rajes immediately reported the incident to the police, and yesterday, 29 May, the 61-year-old dog owner was arrested

According to New Straits Times, Port Dickson district police chief Supt Aidi Sham Mohamed confirmed that the police received a complaint from a man who saw the animal being treated cruelly.

He added that the incident resulted in the dog's unfortunate death.

The 61-year-old was only remanded for a day. However, the case is still being investigated under Section 428 of the Penal Code.

Last month, witnesses also saw a dog being dragged behind a lorry in Serdang Jaya:

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