Man Horrified To Find Hotel He Booked Online Has Actually Permanently Closed Down

After driving for hours to the city, he finally arrived at the hotel but noticed that it was oddly empty and there was no staff working there.

Cover image via @iRaesme (Twitter)

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A Malaysian man recently took to Twitter to share about his horrible experience booking a stay at a hotel in Nilai

The man, user @iRaesmee, said that he travelled to Nilai on Saturday, 18 March, after having booked a stay at a hotel in the area.

He added that he booked his stay at a popular local hotel chain and managed to make a reservation for his visit on a travel booking app.

While booking the hotel room, everything seemed fine at first, and he did not think twice before completing the payment for the room online.

After driving for hours to the city, he finally arrived at the hotel but noticed that it was oddly empty and there was no staff working there.

To his horror, a closer look revealed that the hotel was empty because it had actually closed down.

"I don't know what is my fate. I already booked and paid for the hotel room, but when I arrived, the hotel was locked. There were no occupants and the hotel was dark," he wrote in his tweet.

He proceeded to call the travel booking app's customer service, but they told him that he had to wait for 45 minutes before they could offer a solution

Upset by the ordeal, the man went on to book a stay at a different hotel nearby, but was left unsatisfied with his experience there.

"I have just checked into another hotel. I'm very desperate. I wanted to sleep in the car earlier, but I don't feel safe.

"I paid RM100 at the counter. When I entered the room, it stank and I could smell the scent of cigarette smoke. The toilet was filthy, both the front door and the toilet's door knob were loose, and the sheets were not clean," he wrote in a follow-up tweet.

He added that he booked the room because he needed a cheap alternative and was only staying there for one night.

However, he did not expect the room to be in such a condition and was disappointed by the night that he was having.

After talking to the customer service representative earlier, the man decided to file a formal complaint with the management and ask for compensation

The travel booking app eventually replied to him after a few hours, and they offered a full refund for their mistake.

"Thank God. After filing a report with them, I got my money back for that hotel room. The process will take between two to five working days," the man wrote in a subsequent tweet.

Replying to one of the comments in his replies, the man said he had learned his lesson and will never book at the hotel chain again.

Read his full Twitter thread here:

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