Man Goes Viral For Being Mistaken As A Woman & Asked To Wear The Hijab In The Mosque

The National Mosque has since issued a public apology to the man.

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A video of a security guard reprimanding a long-haired man and asking him to cover up while inside the National Mosque recently went viral on social media

In the 36-second clip, the man was seen sitting inside the mosque before a female security guard asked him to put on a robe.

"You have to wear this robe. Can you go down and wear the robe? You cannot wear like this out in the open," said the security guard.

"But I'm a man," he replied.

Despite explaining that he's not a woman, the security guard insisted that he must change his attire.

"I'm not a woman, I don't need to cover my hair. It's not my aurat," the man replied.

Image via @mynewshub (X)

The National Mosque has since issued a public apology to the man

In its statement, the mosque explained that it did not take the matter lightly, and the security guard has been reprimanded.

"The security guard involved has been reprimanded to be more sensitive in carrying out [her] duties.

"The security guard was hired by a third party, a security company appointed through government procurement," the statement read.

The National Mosque apologised to the individual involved and the public affected by the video. It also said that it's committed to ensuring such incidents do not recur, to preserve the reputation and image of the mosque institution.

Netizens found the incident humorous and left their reactions in the comments section

"He's so pretty that the lady got insecure and asked him to cover his aurat," commented one user.

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"I think she was embarrassed but didn't know how to cover it [her mistake]," wrote another.

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"I still can't brain that mak cik, she was wrong but didn't want to admit it. Maybe she was trying to flirt?" commented another.

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The video of the incident can be found below:

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