Thief Steals Man's Car By Hacking Into Vehicle's System At Cheras Mall

The suspect managed to unlock the car in under a minute.

Cover image via Facebook

A Malaysian man recently took to Facebook to share of how his car was stolen at a Cheras mall parking lot

At 9am on 13 January, Nic Wang wrote that he parked his Honda CRV at the basement carpark in EkoCheras Mall.

After work at 6.30pm that day, Nic was heading home when he noticed that his car was missing.

The victim said he parked 10 to 15 cars away from the exit and entrance of the mall.

Image via Facebook

Based on CCTV footage, it was later confirmed that Nic's car was stolen at 2.47pm

After lodging a police report, police sergeants went to investigate. 

Footage showed that a silver Perodua Alza had entered EkoCheras Mall and circled the carpark several times.

When they spotted his CRV, one man got out of the Alza and managed to unlock his car in under a minute.

Both cars then drove out of the carpark, as the suspect tailgated the Alza to exit the basement.

Nic noted that there was no CCTV at the exit that captured the driver's face. The only camera available was focused on the number plate. 

He also claimed that the management initially suspected that his car keys were duplicated by the thieves.

"What made me angry is the management immediately tries to blame my 'carelessness' i.e. keys duplicated, [that I told] others where I stay and work. Which is totally not true," he wrote.

On Wednesday, 15 January, one of the suspects was caught and the victim's stolen car was found north of KL

In an update to SAYS, Nic noted that PDRM worked swiftly until 3am and is currently searching for the second suspect.

They confirmed that he was a random target and that the suspect had taken 20 minutes to start his car.

Image via Facebook

It turned out that the suspect had not duplicated the victim's car keys but had actually hacked the system

"They use a tool to hack into my car system and reprogram the whole thing to a new key. Both my original keys can't be used anymore," he revealed.

His Facebook post has been shared over 2,200 times, as many people have tagged friends and family to be cautious.

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