Man Teaches Kids The Reason They Cannot See 'Hindu' Ghosts Is Because They Are Dark

"How do Hindu ghosts behave? Do you know? Hindus are dark, right? That's why you can't see them."

Cover image via TikTok

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A 35-second video of a man asking three children questions as a part of a joke was shared on TikTok and has since gone viral

The first question the man asked was, "How do Malay ghosts behave?", to which the children responded by hopping like a pocong.

"How do Chinese ghosts behave?" he followed.

In response, the children imitated how a jiangshi hops.

He then asked the children his third question, "Okay, do you know how Hindu ghosts behave?" The children told him they don't know.

The man then questioned, "Why don't they know [how Hindu ghosts behave] and if Hindu ghosts really exist?" He finally ends the 'joke' by explaining that the reason they don't know how Hindu ghosts act is because "Hindus are dark."

"Hindus are dark, right? That's why you can't see them!" he explained, followed by laughter.

Image via TikTok

The video then quickly spread online with many netizens criticising the man for teaching the children inappropriate and offensive jokes

Netizens expressed their anger and disgust towards the joke.

One Twitter user wrote, "Everything begins at home," referring to how the children could be negatively impacted by such jokes. 

Image via Twitter

In response to the backlash he received, the man took down the video on his TikTok account

He then uploaded two new videos to apologise for his actions.

In the first video, he explains that he was only trying to entertain his nieces that afternoon by telling a joke, and that he did not expect people to find it offensive.

"Now I seek forgiveness. I had no [bad] intentions. It was only a joke that I decided to tell my nieces for their entertainment and uploaded to TikTok. I am sorry to the Indian community. I also have a lot of Indian friends," he said.

In the second video, he apologises again specifically to the Indian community, and admits that he was wrong.

His apology videos received an overall positive response. In the latest video, he expressed his gratitude for the support he got and is thankful for all the new Indian friends he made from this experience.

He also noted that the reason he deleted all the previous videos was because there were a lot of negative comments that he didn't want anyone to see.

Image via TikTok

Watch his apology video here:

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