Man Who Hated His 3-Month-Old Because She Was Conceived Out Of Wedlock Abused Her To Death

He had been abusing the baby since she was one and a half months old.

Cover image via Detik & Elga Hikari Putra/Tribun Jakarta

A 23-year-old man in West Jakarta, Indonesia was arrested on 1 May for abusing his three-month-old daughter to death

Image via Detik

The baby passed away on 27 April under his care while his wife went to the market.

According to Astro Awani, he admitted to repeatedly abusing the baby.

On the day of the baby's death, her father bit her, punched her in the face, forehead, and nose.

He also pulled the three-month-old's right hand, left arm, and legs until they made popping sounds.

The baby's grandmother had heard noises but did not suspect anything.

"After the assault, the baby was still alive, and the mother saw that she was still breathing but limp. She asked the suspect why the baby was like that, to which he said she had choked on something," Kebon District Police Chief Jeruk AKP Erick Sitepu said.

When the parents took their baby to a nearby clinic, she was declared dead

However, the medical staff refused to give them the death certificate as her death appeared to be due to unnatural causes.

A nurse immediately filed a police report.

AKP Sitepu also revealed that the man had been abusing her since she was one and a half months old, "during which the baby's leg and hips were broken"

His wife discovered the extent of his abuse when she brought the baby to a clinic in February for a medical check-up without his knowledge.

However, when she confronted him about the diagnosis, the suspect scolded her and told her the injuries were due to her carelessness.

Police believe that the man abused his daughter because he was ashamed that she was conceived out of wedlock

He tried to convince his partner to abort the baby during her pregnancy, The Jakarta Post reported.

"Investigators tried to find photos of the victim and the suspect, but it turned out that he hated her so much that he did not want to be photographed with her," Sitepu revealed.

The suspect faces up to 20 years in prison under the Criminal Code and Law No. 35/2014 on child protection

The 23-year-old tested positive for methamphetamine and admitted to using the drug since 2017.

According to Tribun Jakarta, his wife has "given up" on him and asked for a harsh punishment, "the death sentence if necessary."

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