[VIDEO] Massive Digital Screen Displaying Realistic 3D Shark Spotted Near KLCC

In the video, the shark can be seen swimming in circles, before attempting to break through the screen.

Cover image via BIG TREE (YouTube)

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Earlier today, 5 May, Malaysians spotted a massive screen just opposite the Petronas Twin Towers

The digital screen, located right at the KLCC junction, has been displaying dynamic videos throughout the day, one of which is a video of a shark swimming in a tank.

In the video, a great white shark can be seen entering from one corner. Upon taking a closer look, the crystal-clear video also shows numerous suckerfishes swimming alongside the shark. 

The larger-than-life shark then continues to swim around the tank, before suddenly charging forward. It attempts to break through the screen by pounding against the tank several times, causing big "cracks" to appear. A few seconds later, it swims away as the entire screen freezes and breaks into pieces. 

Check out the full video: 

In a press release made available to SAYS, the digital screen is actually Big Tree's newest and largest digital out-of-home (OOH) media, known as CuBig @ KLCC Junction

According to the press release, CuBig @ KLCC Junction projects crisp, dynamic digital display, aimed to capture the attention of motorists and pedestrians at the traffic light intersection. 

In fact, the digital screen boasts an anamorphic display, which means that viewers can perceive different depths to the visuals when viewing it from different angles. 

For the past 25 years, Big Tree has provided innovative OOH solutions with the largest advertising reach at various locations including roads and expressways, transit systems, shopping malls, and digital platforms

Now, with the brand new CuBig @ KLCC Junction, Chief Executive Officer Shukor Ariffin shared that the digital display will be the future of OOH advertising. 

"OOH forms a catalyst for enduring-consumer relationships by captivating the mobile audience as they go about their daily routines. The magnitude of this screen engages extensive audiences in the city centre, especially as they wait at this key traffic-light intersection.

"Audiences would be able to enjoy immersive brand experiences, potentiating talk-of town campaign creativity by utilising the anamorphic or 3D capabilities of the CuBig @ KLCC Junction. This will be the future of advertising on digital OOH," Ariffin said.

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