Media Prima Introduces Affordable Advertising Plans For SMEs And Local Brands

They will also be giving away RM1 million worth of media value to early applicants.

Cover image via Media Prima & Focus Malaysia

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The past couples of months have been tough, especially for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) struggling to cope with the lack of sales and exposure

Many have been pulling down their shutters for the last time and hanging up their shop signs. 

Prior to the pandemic, SMEs were part of the economy's backbone, contributing an estimated 40% to the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), while also employing two-thirds of the workforce. 

With the current local market realities, most SMEs are unprepared to manoeuvre their way out from economic disruptions. This would ultimately result in the closure of many SMEs, further impacting the country's economy significantly. 

To help SMEs sustain and grow their businesses, Media Prima Omnia will be kickstarting their #KitaMalaysia campaign in August

Image via Media Prima

The #KitaMalaysia campaign will comprise of two main packages – the Starter Pack and the Premium Packs, both of which are designed to promote and grow local products and services. 

Priced at only RM5,000, the Starter Pack will allow SMEs to gain exposure using Media Prima's home shopping and e-commerce platforms like WOWSHOP and more. 

Meanwhile, for the Premium Packs, Media Prima Omnia offers three different packages – RM10,000, RM15,000, and RM20,000. Each of these will provide wider media platform integration options for greater reach, including having your products listed on WOWSHOP, with no limit to the amount of product listed. 

To add on, both the Starter Pack and Premium Packs can be utilised anytime between 16 August to 30 September. 

Additionally, MEDIA PRIMA OMNIA will also be giving away RM1 million worth of media value to those who apply early

Early birds who sign up for any of the #KitaMalaysia SME packages will be entitled to RM1 million worth of media value. This includes having coverage on television, print, radio, and digital platforms, all of which address 98% of Malaysian households and an audience of 24 million people from different walks of life.

To put it simply, Media Prima Omnia wants to help local brands grow and sustain their business with their affordable #KitaMalaysia packages and their free RM1 million media value. 

"The #KitaMalaysia packages were designed specifically in time for National Day to signify the fight for freedom and the will to survive on our own terms," said Executive Director and CEO of Media Prima Omnia Sdn Bhd, Datuk Michael Chan

Datuk Michael Chan, Executive Director and CEO of Media Prima Omnia Sdn Bhd.

Image via Endeavor Malaysia

He also shared that in order for local SMEs to sustain their business, it is crucial to be consistent with marketing their products and services.

"As Malaysia's largest media company, we want to help deliver awareness for SMEs through our platforms' unrivalled reach numbers.

"Apart from helping SMEs, this campaign also provides opportunities for large corporations and even government agencies to join us and support entrepreneurs to get back on their feet," he added.

To find out more about the #KitaMalaysia packages, you can head over to their website or contact [email protected]

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