Family Surprises Kid With A Fake Hawker Stall Because He Misses Dining Outside Before MCO

"The best part was that we had to 'buy' food and not get it for free," the uncle said. The family used money from the 'Jutaria' board game as their currency.

Cover image via @syedalbukhary_ (Twitter)

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A Twitter user recently shared that his family set up an adorable fake hawker stall for his nephew who misses dining out

On 11 July, user @syedalbukhary_, whose real name is Syed Ahmad Nabeel, wrote, "Ibrahim (my nephew) said to us that he hasn't dined outside in a long time since the Movement Control Order (MCO) hasn't ended. So we decided to surprise him by opening a mini 'Kedai Mak Tok' and he was so excited with his Jutaria money to buy food."

"Even kids are stressed at home," he added.

Adorable photos show that the family went out of their way to set up a 'Kedai Mak Tok' in their porch just so the little boy can feel like he's enjoying a meal at a restaurant

Syed shared with SAYS that his nephew asked, "Mama, when can we dine out at restaurants?"

To which his mother replied, "Later when COVID-19 is gone."

"Since it's the pandemic and everyone was stressed out because we cannot chill out at restaurants, that's when the idea came," Syed explained.

He then added that the family decided to cook some dishes and create 'Kedai Mak Tok', just so his nephew could enjoy a restaurant-like environment.

"The best part was that we had to 'buy' food and not get it for free," he said. The family used money from the Jutaria board game as their currency.

They served items such as pasta, fruits, chocolates, and drinks.

"And no worries, we followed standard operating procedures (SOPs). Everyone is staying in the same house," he noted.

The young boy's uncle also said that the child absolutely enjoyed it and kept mentioning how fun it was

"My nephew was very excited," he told SAYS.

He then went on to say, "I guess during the pandemic, adults aren't the only ones who feel stressed from not being able to go out. We should not forget about children's mental health."

"We try our best to support each other's mental health during this pandemic," he added.

See the full tweet here:

The MCO has not been easy for many families due to travel restrictions and physical distance:

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