Medical Student Wins Praise For Performing CPR On Collapsed Man In Bahau Kopitiam

Diners were alarmed when he suddenly collapsed to the ground.

Cover image via Meet Friends By Love/Facebook

A medical student has been winning praise online for attempting to rescue a man who had gone into sudden cardiac arrest at a coffee shop in Bahau, Negeri Sembilan

According to China Press, the middle-aged man fell unconscious while eating at Gin Hoe coffee shop in Taman Acbe around 3pm on Saturday, 12 September.

Diners were alarmed when he suddenly turned pale and collapsed to the ground.

The young woman, who was also a patron at the coffee shop, saw the situation and immediately rushed to his side to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on him.

She continued with the rescue procedure until an ambulance arrived at the coffee shop.

Unfortunately, the man could not be revived.

Medical personnel quickly took over the resuscitation but pronounced the 44-year-old man dead at the scene.

The student reportedly burst into tears when she heard the news.

The man was brought to the hospital for further examination but his cause of death was not reported.

However, photos of the incident have since gone viral, with netizens praising the woman for trying her best to save the man

A post on Facebook group Meet Friends By Love asking its followers to applaud the medical student for her bravery went viral with over 2,900 shares and 7,500 likes.

"Even though uncle didn't make it, you did your best," assured a Facebook user.

This user also agreed, saying, "In my personal opinion, whatever the consequence turned out to be, this woman is amazing."

Another netizen said, "Every second is worth fighting for. Girl, you are really brave. There are boundless merits in saving a life. Thank you!"

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