Meet The Genius Who Aced Both His SPM And IB Exams

He sat for his IB papers one day after his SPM exams ended.

Cover image via Ihsan Thaqif

Described by his friend as "a boy from another planet", Ihsan Thaqif scored 9A+ for SPM and received the Honor Roll Award for his college semester exam at the same time

Image via Ihsan Thaqif

Yesterday, an Instagram user, Nur Anis Aqilah (anisaqilahmka) posted a photo of her friend, Ihsan Thaqif with a long caption to highlight Ihsan's amazing academic feat.

The post, which was picked up and reshared by a user on Twitter, Hafiz Husairi (hafizhusairi99), has since gone viral with over 13,000 people retweeting the tweet.

It is understood that Ihsan scored straight As for International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and was offered a scholarship to pursue International Baccalaureate (IB) by Kolej Mara Banting

Ihsan, first from left.

Image via Athirah Ridzal

Hafiz Husairi explained on Twitter, "Ihsan received an offer from MARA to pursue IB a year younger than normal students due to his excellent IGCSE results.

It is not compulsory for him to sit for SPM. However, MARA encouraged students like him to sit for SPM as a backup plan for the future."

Ihsan, 18 this year, enroled at Kolej Mara Banting in July 2017, after completing his IGCSE at MRSM Parit.

His semester exams for IB started ONE day after his SPM exams ended. Ihsan had to attend his college classes, study for SPM, AND study for his IB semester exams.

In total, the young prodigy had to sit for a mindblowing 17 subjects in total, and studied for two different syllabus!

Ihsan is not only known for his academic abilities by the people around him. Vouched by his friends, Ihsan has a heart of gold, represented his school in basketball at district level, has won a public speaking competition, and also picked up best actor award in MRSM's drama competition.

You can read the two posts which went viral on Instagram and Twitter here:

You're truly an inspiration to us all, Ihsan Thaqif. Incredible.

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