Man Surprised By Kind Restaurant Offering Free Food To Those Facing Financial Difficulties

"I was a little doubtful at first. Where in the world would there be such a kind restaurant owner?" he asked.

Cover image via Byran King/马六甲人 (Facebook)

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A man who had just moved to Melaka was touched by the kindness shown by a restaurant, which was offering free meals to those facing financial difficulties

In a Facebook post in a Melaka community group, the user, Byran King, said he was initially skeptical upon seeing the restaurant's 'free meal' post online.

"I was a little doubtful at first. Where in the world would there be such a kind restaurant owner? I wanted to see if it was just for advertising, so I went to the restaurant today," he wrote.

When visiting the restaurant in Kota Laksamana, the man said he was greeted by the owner with the menu, but he requested for the promotional set meal he saw online, expecting the owner to turn him down as he assumed it was a marketing gimmick.

However, the owner not only confirmed his order and kindly asked him to take a seat, but also assured him that the free meal would not be spicy.

A sign on the restaurant's window saying it offers "free meals to those facing any difficulties".

Image via Byran King/马六甲人 (Facebook)

Surprised, the man said the owner served him a plate of nasi lemak, as well as a drink and two additional skewers of grilled chicken

"The boss said since he had no other customers at the time, he could grill two more skewers for me to eat," he wrote.

"At the time, I was wondering if he would ask me to pay for them," he added, still skeptical.

However, when the restaurant owner came out with the chicken skewers, the man said the owner asked if he had enough rice to eat, and also told him to leave whenever he wanted, implying that he did not need to pay for the food.

Overwhelmed by the gesture, the man said, "I almost burst into tears when I heard this. I had just relocated to work in Melaka, but this is the first time I have met such a warm and considerate business owner. It really touched me!"

The man left a RM20 note on the table before leaving, but was chased down by the owner a minute later

The restaurant owner told him, "This is your money, don't forget to take it with you.

"A bowl of rice does not cost much, so if I can help anyone going through a tough time, it's priceless. I can't take your money. I'm sure things will get better soon, good luck, my friend."

Touched, the Facebook user said he shared his story to show there was still humanity in the world, and gushed about how thoughtful and considerate the restaurant owner was.

The Facebook post was shared by over 1,600 people, also commending the restaurant owner for his generosity

"In this period of inflation, many stores are increasing their product prices. The kindness of this restaurant owner is really touching. I wish him a happy life," said a netizen.

Image via Facebook

"How I wish people like this were in society everywhere... We could have a few more caring business owners. He has a compassionate heart, and that merit is immeasurable," said another.

Image via Facebook

Another Facebook user said, "I hope this act of kindness can help many with no source of income and that people will not take advantage of this boss' kindness. If he can't lend a helping hand, many others may suffer."

Image via Facebook

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