Men Who Do Not Pay Alimony And Child Support May Have Their Bank Accounts Frozen

Government is reportedly mulling over the decision.

The government may freeze bank accounts of Muslim men who neglect to pay alimony to their ex-wives and child support despite being instructed by the court in a move to uphold Syariah justice

According to NST Online, the move is part of the government's plan to impose stiffer measures against those men who ignore their ex-wives welfare after the divorce.

While there is no confirmation, it is said that the government is currently in the process of determining the mechanism which can be used to freeze the bank accounts.

Speaking on the issue, Dr Mujahid Yusof said that many women who were divorced and abandoned by their ex-husbands have no avenue for recourse to ensure that enforcement is carried out

"Most women do not have an avenue to seek justice in terms of enforcement.

"We are looking at the enforcement needs of these women who are not given 'nafkah' despite being decided upon by the Syariah courts," the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department for Religious Affairs was quoted as saying by NST Online on Wednesday.

"The matter has been discussed at the Malaysian Syariah Courts Department as well as our (ministerial) level. I hope that enforcement action will be improved," he said.

According to Dr Mujahid, enforcement, such as via the freezing of bank accounts against men who are reluctant to pay alimony to their ex-wives, was key towards ensuring that the neglected women receive appropriate representation.

He said that as there are a large number of men who fail to pay alimony despite being ordered to do so by the courts, the ministry is studying all suggestions before they can take further action

"We've received numerous complaints from women who are left neglected no thanks to the failure of their ex-husbands to pay alimony, despite being ordered to do so by the courts. We must have stricter enforcement so that they (offenders) know what court decisions have to be respected, and that failure to do so will lead to them being punished," NST Online quoted the Minister as saying.

Image via NST Online

Earlier this year, a candidate of the Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) had an arrest warrant issued against him after his alleged failure to pay a total of RM78,000 in child support since 2011:

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