Man Builds Mobile Shower For Homeless People Living On The Streets Of KL

"They are the unfortunate ones. While we are the fortunate one. If we, the fortunate ones do not help the unfortunate ones, then who will?"

Cover image via Uncle Bugs

The night streets of KL effectively doubles up as 'home' to the thousands of homeless who loiter the city aimlessly during the day

Image via Buddhist Bugs

Many view them as dirty and filthy. However, there are also others in the society who not only understand their unfortunate situation but also offer a helping hand without expecting anything in return!

Image via Buddhist Bugs
Image via Buddhist Bugs
Image via Buddhist Bugs

'Uncle Bugs' is one such individual of our society

One night, after going out with his friends in the NGOs working to distribute food for the homeless on the streets of KL, he realised the fortunate place he was in his life, and out of compassion for the homeless, the uncle decided to do something for them.

He decided to build a 'mobile shower' for them.

Mobile shower.

Image via Uncle Bugs

"I thought I should do my part too. There are already a few NGOs providing food for them," he wrote on his blog, "I've also seen a group providing hair cut. So as you can see many people have come forward to help."

Uncle Bugs sincerely believes that the homeless are not criminal.

"They have their own reasons for ending up sleeping on the streets," he says, adding, "they are the unfortunate ones. While we are the fortunate one. If we, the fortunate ones do not help the unfortunate ones, then who is going to help them?"

It's easily assemblable

The 'mobile shower' takes about 10 minutes to assemble.

Equipped with a detachable lower and upper frame, which can be joined together using 4 pieces of adjustable broomsticks, it has a shower that comes with a water pump which delivers about 60 litres of water to the shower head.

While there is no water tap, it comes installed with a pull switch, which can be switched on and off for the water supply just by pulling the string.

And it's fairly easy to disassemble

To disassemble the mobile shower, empty the water tank to place the pump, the water hose, the extension wire cord inside the tank. The shower frames can be bundled up as they are made of light material. You can then easily transport the mobile shower anywhere.

Image via Uncle Bugs

He also made sure that the mobile shower serves the needy

It comes with a 60 liters water tank.

A heater is placed into the water so to increase the temperature whenever necessary.

It's especially useful during the cold nights to provide a warm and comfortable shower. A cordless bulb hangs on the top to provide lights.

Here's a video of the mobile shower in action:

Writing on his blog, he says that he has already found a charity home to accept his mobile shower. "I sincerely hope this mobile shower will give the homeless people a good bath they deserve," he says, adding, "I hope they give themselves a good scrub."


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