Model Defends Actions Against Cabin Crew Who Refused To Let Her Use Toilet Before Landing

The incident went viral after she uploaded videos on social media.

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A Malaysian model has gone viral for insisting on wanting to use the toilet as the plane was about to land

In a viral Facebook post, Miss Malaysia International 2017 runner-up Sabee Chin related how she met with an air stewardess when she wanted to use the toilet as the aeroplane was about to land.

Chin described the AirAsia staff as 'gangster' and claimed that they had treated her violently during her ordeal of wanting to relieve herself.

The incident began when she woke up from a nap and found that the plane was about to land

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Chin said she walked to the front of the plane and saw another passenger was waiting in front of the toilet.

After waiting for a while, she asked an air stewardess about the toilet - and it was then she claimed that the air stewardess gave her attitude.

The air stewardess allegedly told her that the toilet was closed and that she had to go back to her seat.

When she pleaded that she had to use the toilet due to an emergency, she said the air stewardess deliberately ignored her.

The third time Chin asked the air stewardess about it, she was allegedly chastised by the former.

"Go back to your seat. You can't use the toilet. Do you hear me?" the air stewardess allegedly scolded her and another passenger who was also waiting there.

Unhappy with the treatment, Chin took her phone to film the air stewardess' attitude

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Chin was seen shoving her phone up into the air stewardess' face in the videos, causing the latter to push her phone away.

Her post quickly went viral and sparked many memes. She has since deleted the post.

Chin received heavy backlash for posting the video and many netizens began calling her 'Miss Toilet' as a direct mockery of her pageant title

"It is so laughable. It is a known fact that when the plane is landing, no one is allowed to use the toilet. (Chin) is saying as if she did nothing wrong," a netizen said.

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Others made fun of her name, saying that her name 'Sabee' sounds like 'foolish' in Mandarin.

"Is your Instagram handle named after your characteristic? 'Sabee' = 'foolish'," another netizen mocked.

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Following the backlash, Chin released another video defending her actions

Chin explained the incident in a 26-minute apology video posted on Wednesday, 23 October.

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In an apology video posted on Wednesday, 23 October, Chin said she will apologise for the things she did wrong, but not to the staff who were rude to her.

Chin admitted that she was at fault for wanting to use the toilet when the seatbelt light was on, but she claimed that she really had to relieve herself.

She apologised for her behaviour and for posting the videos, and reiterated that she had no intention to make the issue viral.

She said that she was forced to post the videos because the AirAsia staff was threatening her to delete the videos

After failing to convince the air stewardess to allow her to use the toilet, Chin said she walked back to her seat.

However, as she was walking, Chin claimed that the air stewardess blocked her path and demanded her to delete the video.

Chin refused to delete the video as she wanted to use it as proof to file a complaint against the air stewardess.

"Since (the air stewardess) told me to get back to my seat, and I had decided not to use the toilet, I lightly pushed the air stewardess aside so that I could walk past her and get back to my seat," Chin said.

"It was then the air stewardess screamed aloud that I attacked her."

When the plane landed, Chin said she was held back by the staff and a security guard threatened to use a taser on her if she refused to comply

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"When I was on the plane, I wasn't allowed to use the toilet. After the plane landed, I wasn't allowed to go to the toilet again," Chin said.

Chin lamented that all she wanted was to relieve herself.

Chin hoped that by telling the full story, she can clear the air about the incident

Chin said the incident had shown her the ugly side of the Internet, whereby netizens would use hurtful words to criticise her even when they do not know her personally.

"For the things I have done wrong, I apologise. Let the rest be handled by AirAsia. And hope that God will give me the justice I deserve," wrote in the caption of her apology video.

You can watch Chin's apology video below:


Posted by SaBee Chin on Wednesday, October 23, 2019

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